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Fatigue Points

Fatigue Points are used when entering maps inside dungeons.
Normal dungeons consume 1 fatigue point for each map entered.
Fatigue points are reset at 09:00 UTC. Once you have spent all fatigue points, you cannot enter any more dungeons.
Fatigue points can be recovered by using Fatigue Recovery Potions.

Check Fatigue Points

Fatigue point bar can be found on the bottom of the screen.
Neo Premium Contract provides you with additional fatigue points.

Fatigue Recovery Potion

You can gain additional fatigue points by using consumables such as Fatigue Recovery Potion.
Fatigue Recovery Potion can be acquired through Alchemy crafting (can also be purchased through auaction house), Shop, Mileage Shop and events.


Adventurer Academics Guides

Fatigue and Ranger Guide - Fatigue System
by Esperado(Cain)


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