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Pandemonium War Character Book

Dark-eyed Sarpoza

Male, presumed in his 40s.

Kashipa's current leader and the world's first Warlock.
Commonly known as the Dark Eyes because of his eyes whose whites are darkened by the Abyss implanted in them.


One of the few oldest members and leaders of Kashipa who have part of it since it was just a small gang of third-rate mages and thugs, he's been instrumental in making Kashipa the powerful organization it is now.

He's admired by many of his men, some of them zealous enough to die for him, because of his overwhelming strength, ruthlessness, and charismatic leadership.
While he usually belittles others, he sometimes show unexpected mercy to those who bravely put up a fight with him. He also grants a chance to those whom others consider unworthy and useless if he thinks they may have use for him.

Sarpoza says he does things purely for his own amusement, but even that admission has captivated some of his admirers and fuels their loyalty toward him.
Currently, he's secretly moving in the heart of Harlem, and no one knows what he's doing or for what purpose.


Female in her 30s.
Kashipa's second-in-command and the leader of its killer units, Dog Leash and Flying Steak. A Half-breed with the head of a dog, she enjoys smoking tobacco mixed with magical plant leaves.

Since the unsavory incident related to Gragor the Black Tiger, many members of Kashipa became opposed to accepting more Half-breeds into their ranks and putting them in important positions. Her magic power, overwhelmingly powerful without assistance from the Abyss, shut them all up and placed her in the second highest position of the organization.

Doghead is probably the only one who can touch her boss Sarpoza and even lean against him without any deadly consequences. Anyone who disclosed any private information between the two has been found dead in a sewer, strangled by a dog leash.

Gizel Logan

Male of unknown age.

He once was one of the Seven Shards, and the most brilliant of them all.
This changed when Melvin Richter joined the group and outshone him. Gizel left the Shards and turned to Kartel.

He led Kartel's weapon development and helped it cultivate enough military power to infiltrate the Capital Island and abduct the Princess. Eventually, it invaded the entire Island.

He hates Melvin Richter so much that he's willing to do almost anything to best him. He's even stooped to unspeakable experiments involving animal dissection and human body modification that normal, ethical scientists would never do.

After Kartel was dissolved, the Empyrean Army stormed his lab, but by that time, he was already gone with all his research materials.
He's currently at large, but rumor has it that he's recently been seen climbing the Castle of the Dead.

Snow White Tagor

Female in her 20s.

A masterpiece of a mysterious scientist who has joined Kashipa, she's a beautiful combat robot that kills enemies before her eyes, following her master's orders.

When this weapon was first presented to the members of Kashipa, the rumor was that the leader of the Skull Birds who went missing from the Royal Casino had returned. It didn't last long.

Snow White Tagor, despite her outwardly resemblance to the wardmancer, was only a hollow vessel, void of emotions or will.
But then, a new rumor spread, this one being similar to an urban legend. Sometimes, a metallic voice can be heard mumbling in the lab after everyone has left.

Ricardo the Heart Destroyer

Male aged 21.

The leader of Kashipa's elite combat unit, the Fiends.
He's next to none when it comes to one-on-one fights, thanks to his powerful magic, Corrupt Heart.

Ever since he lost a fight to Niu at the First Pandemonium Meeting, he's been waiting to get his revenge.

Recently, he was sighted at the Royal Casino in Harlem, but disappeared again after the Casino collapsed and Harlem was freed.
Rumor has it that he ran away with some important object. Multiple organizations, including his own, seem to be after him.
The last time he was seen, he was at the border of East Harlem.

Keening Hilder

Female of unknown age.

The Second Apostle.

The Resplendent Dew behind the Two Faces.
It's said that she was alive back when Pandemonium was called Terra, and she was the first to discover the school of magic that harnesses the power of Nature.

In truth, she remembers the destruction of the old world and the deaths of her family. She's been working for a long time to bring them back.

Currently, she presides over all affairs happening in Pandemonium, and uses her telepathy to keep the Apostles together. She also acts as a mediator, resolving disputes and unifying different opinions.

She frequently visits Conqueror Kasijas the Fourth Apostle and Constructor Luke the Ninth Apostle, and they do the same. This is why she's been placed second among the Apostles, despite her weak combat power.
She resides in Bloomingdale on the south side of Brooklyn in Pandemonium, and rarely reveals herself in public.

Direct Hitter Wordsworth

Male aged 40.

The commander of the Kashipa leader's escort unit. He became famous when he declined Sarpoza's offer of the power of the Abyss and developed his physical strength purely on his own.

Sarpoza, impressed by his tenacity and skills, established the escort unit, so he could keep Wordsworth close to him.

Wordsworth was proud to have become the great warrior he was without relying on the Abyss, but his desire to repay his boss Sarpoza for respecting his wishes was far greater, so he finally decided to fully commit himself to his leader's plan.

Returning Razin

Female aged 26.

A mage of the Terra Cotta.

Known as the most talented Elementalist in her group, she reached the Transcendent stage at a young age.

At the age of twenty, she succeeded in staying in the Transcendent stage for an infinite time. She called herself Overmind, meaning a transcendent being, and disappeared before people who coveted her knowledge could approach her.

A few years went by, and her fame had faded. Razin returned with a calmer look in her eyes and without her infamously inexorable personality and bold, almost reckless habit of using mana. Everyone in the Terra Cotta wants to know what she's seen and learned in the Transcendent stage, but she won't divulge that information to anyone.

White Rust Sisley

Gender and age unknown.

A Witch and one of the Devil Girls of Elting Memorial. She's also the leader of Kashipa's middle-grade rooting unit, Lust.

When the Devil Girls were exiled by Hilder for doing what she had prohibited, she disappeared with most of their research materials.

Infuriated, Hilder ordered her capture, but she was never found. Time passed and Hilder moved on to other serious things that happened in Pandemonium. Then, Sisley resurfaced. By this time, she had abandoned her own body for the very thing, the very essence of her research, that was forbidden to her. Everyone who knew her in the past was shocked. She broke the rule, going far beyond any taboo. The mages who once were her colleagues whispered.

But in the end, she was soundly defeated in the Bronx where she didn't want to come in the first place, lost her new body, and had to disappear again.

Ikki the Vikki

Female aged 18.

A Witch staying in the Ancient Library with Monica and Phillip Ram.

She loves sneakily fighting by shifting phases, and looks at the world with curiosity in her eyes.
She's as good at casting magic as she is at creating and improving Witchcraft machines.

During the First Pandemonium Meeting, she fought Niu as the representative of the Ancient Library, and she could've won the match if it weren't for the tiny flaw in her Witchcraft machine.
Hilarious and always smiling, she's a mischievous imp who revels in turning arrogant people into frogs.

Warrior Barca

Barca was a born warrior.

His superior physique and uncanny fighter's instincts always led him to victory.

He was peerless among his kind. Other warriors would shout his name before battle in hopes that they could fight as bravely as their hero. His king kept Barca at his side, but he was wary of him.

Barca was in an environment where he could easily fall into comfortable idleness; he never did, though. He didn't stop training, believing that one day, someone better than him would appear and bring him to his knees.
His self-discipline bordering on self-abuse also affected his spiritual growth.

One day, he was meditating as usual when he heard the voice of a summoner from a different world. He answered the call and arrived in the world of bloody conflict called Pandemonium. Feeling a rush of excitement coursing through his body, Barca took the hand that had reached out to him. It belonged to a summoner named Rhum.

This was how he became Summoner Rhum's closest friend and greatest summonling.


Female aged 31.

A mage of the Second Pact.
Once a Circle Mage, she left her old group after an incident made her rethink the way it was being run.

Some like-minded Summoners left with her. Together with them, Smilla created the Second Pact specializing in Elemental Summons.

The members of the Second Pact believe in the second pact of summoning, which they think has been overshadowed by the first principle of summoning focused on the understanding of other creatures and communion with them.

Smilla's Children, a group of talented young Summoners discovered by Smilla, have a reputation for ruthlessly sacrificing their summonlings to draw immense power from them.

Summoner Rhum

Male aged 30.

A Circle Mage.
He represented his group at the First Pandemonium Meeting, and lost a fight to Niu.

The second-in-command of the organization who takes care of its administrative affairs.
He's taciturn, but has a strong sense of responsibility, and leads his members by example.

He mainly uses Contract Summons, and is highly compassionate toward his summonlings.
He and his very first summonling, Barca the Warrior, care about each other so much that they're willing to die for each other.
He once was Smilla's best friend and lover when she was still in the Circle Mage, but they became enemies after some incident.

Tracker Niu

Female aged 14 (at the time of the Pandemonium Meeting).

The very first Battle Mage.

During an ambush by the Kashipas, she intuitively learned how to temporarily materialize elemental powers, and incorporate it into the Guardians' unique fighting style, marking the birth of the first Battle Mage in history.
Pretty, kind, and righteous.

She earned the title of Tracker after her first use of Chasers.
She risked her life to go up to the Castle of the Dead and notify Empyrean about Pandemonium's existence.
Currently, she's staying in Central Park and helping Kate resolve strange phenomena in Pandemonium.

Nihilistic Ron

Male aged 62.

The leader of the Terra Cotta.
The general consensus is that he's intelligent, loyal to his organization, but not wise.

He beat his rival Snader, an excellent firemancer, in a contest of strength and became the leader of the Terra Cotta.

He received his moniker, Nihilistic Ron, for the impressive power of his dark magic, Void, that he showcased during the contest with Snader.

Rumor has it that he knows about almost everything that's happening on the eight planes of Pandemonium, thanks to the Terra Cotta's excellent information network.
He rarely shows his true intentions, and uses everything in his power to achieve his goals.

Monica of the Library

Female aged 35.

The head librarian of the Ancient Library studying the high-tech civilization of Ancient Terra.

She's renowned for raising the prestige of Witchcraft from an esoteric, fringe practice to a legitimate field of study.

She's traveled the eight planes of Pandemonium to find and restore any old documents related to Terra, of which most records have long been lost.

She's often misunderstood because of her cold, emotionless face and matter-of-fact tone, but she's unconditionally kind to those who want to study Witchcraft.
A great many mages have quenched their thirst for knowledge at the archives of the Ancient Library, and some of them still think of Monica as their mentor.


Female of unknown age.

A wandering young girl who claims she's looking for her lost brother.
Her origin is unknown, and she arrives in Metro Center after many twists and turns.

Phillip Ram

Male aged 23.

A Witch staying in the Ancient Library with Monica and Ikki.

He's also the first student accepted into the Library by Monica, who is its head librarian.

While Ikki shows a talent for Witchcraft engineering, Phillip is more interested in alchemy and familiars and loves reading books about them. He's so studious that sometimes he stays awake for days, searching for the answer he wants.

Despite Ikki and her mischievous pranks that keep him busy every day, he wants to protect his life at the Ancient Library more badly than anyone else in his group.

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