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Buff Enhancement System

The Buff Enhancement System has been added to help you enhance your buffs without switching equipment.

  • This Buff Enhancement System is automatically unlocked at Level 70.
  • You can use it through the Buff Enhancement button on the right side of the Damage button in the Inventory window.
  • In the Buff Enhancement Settings window, select a skill (no skill is selected by default) and register the equipment that enhances the skill to use the skill easily.
  • You can only select skills and register equipment while in town.
  • You can only register the equipment with which you are currently equipped with or that you have it in your inventory.All the effects of the equipment registered in the Buff Enhancement System only affect the selected skill.


Buff Enhancement

The Buff Enhancement window is automatically unlocked at Level 70.

  • Register equipment in the Buff Enhancement window, and you can benefit from its effect on related Buff skills without having to equip it.
  • Equipment, Avatars, and Creatures can be registered. Your Advanced class affects the skills that you can add to the Buff Enhancement window


Buff Enhancement Skills per Advanced Class

Class Advancement Skill
Slayer(M) Blade Master Overdrive
Soul Bender Afterimage of Keiga
Berserker Derange
Asura Murderous Wave
Slayer(F) Sword Master Sentiment Du Fer
Demon Slayer Berserk
Vagabond Quintuple Strength
Dark Templar Congest
Fighter(M) Nen Master Nen Tattoo
Striker Power Fist
Brawler Brawler
Grappler Overwhelming Grab
Fighter(F) Nen Master Khai
Striker Power Fist
Brawler Apply Poison
Grappler Overwhelming Grab
Ranger Death by Revolver
Launcher Eagle Eye
Mechanic Robotics
Spitfire Overcharge
Gunner(F) Ranger Death by Revolver
Launcher Miracle Vision
Mechanic Robotics
Spitfire Overcharge
Mage(M) Elemental Bomber Mana Burst
Glacial Master Resonance
Blood Mage Blood Burn
Swift Master Windiness
Dimension Walker Borderline Paranoia
Mage(F) Elementalist Elemental Burn
Summoner Zealous Creature
Battle Mage War Goddess
Witch Ancient Library
Priest(M) Crusader Divine Invocation
Wisdom Blessing
Holy Mace
Monk Shadow Clone
Exorcist Passion Chakra
Luminous Chakra
Avenger Falling Soul
Priest(F) Crusader Valor Blessing
Inquisitor Fervent Faith
Shaman Oracle Prayer
Mistress Seven Deadly Sins
Thief Rogue Shake Down
Necromancer Dark Ritual
Kunoichi Fire Art: Crimson Flare
Shadow Dancer Assassin's Attitude
Knight Elven Knight War Cry
Chaos Brainstorm
Lightbringer Faithful
Dragon Knight Binge
Vanguard Demonic Unleash
Skirmisher Aura Lance
Dragoon Mana Extraction
Impaler Darkness
Dark Knight Dark Knight Overflow
Creator Creator Boost


How to Use

  1. Click Buff Enhancement in your Equipment inventory.


  1. In the Buff Enhancement skill, select a skill. Only a set skill can be selected. If there are a variety of skills, you can only select one of them.


  1. Drag and drop an Equipment item onto the Buff Enhancement window. You may also click Register Equipment and select an item. You can only register items while in town. Registered items can be removed by right-clicking them.


  1. Use the Buff skill inside dungeons, and you can enjoy the registered item's benefits for the skill without having to equip it.


Must-Know Buff Enhancement System Information 

  1. You can register equipment (Equipment, Avatars, and Creatures) in the Buff Enhancement window, only while in town.
  2. Register an item and select a buff. The buff will create the same effect as it would when you are equipped with the item.
  3. The effects of items registered in the Buff Enhancement window precede your current equipment, even if it has better effects.
  4. If you do not register a Top item in the Buff Enhancement window, the window effect is applied to the rest of your parts, leaving the Top effect to your current Top item.
  5. The Aura effects of items registered in the Buff Enhancement window (e.g., Metal Line) cannot be applied to your party members.
  6. Your party members' Aura effects (e.g., Metal Line) are also applied to your skills in the Buff Enhancement window.
  7. Stat bonuses from Consumables and Skill Level bonuses from Burning Fatigue are also applied to the skills in the Buff Enhancement window.
  8. The items registered in the Buff Enhancement window must be kept inside your inventory or equipped to you.


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