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Package Creature Enhanced Skills


Skills Enhanced by Package Creatures According to Character Class 


Creatures from purchases of select Packages will enhance the following skills according to your character's class.
Please refer to the following table for each class's enhanced skill.


Class Skill Class Skill
Slayer(M) Hypervigilance Slayer(F) Ancient Pledge
Phantom Mastery Vespers
Blood Incarnate Majin Blades
Thunder God Energy Zenith
Fiend Incarnate -
Fighter(M) Windstorm Spiral Power Fighter(F) Nen Compress
Fire Release Unchained Strike
Rule Break Art of Poisons
Who's the Strongest? Chain Grab
Gunner(M) Marksmanship Gunner(F) Saw Blade
Heavy Firearm Enhancement Alpha Support
HS-1 Friends G-Operator
War Hero Certification Key
Mage(M) Dark Eyes Mage(F) Elemental Potential
Ice Craft Eclipse's Hive
Sanguis Verus Multirole
Second Wind Lapis Philosophorum
SSTH A Rose in the Dark
Priest(M) Thunder Hammer: Jupiter Priest(F) Raphael's Blessing
Divine Insight Securise Maleficarum
Deathblow Power of the Dragon God
Evil Strike First Prana: Forbidden Fruit
Demonic Lancer Demonic Lance Awakening Thief Hit Bleed
Formless Lance Technique Unholy Mastery
Fountain of Power Yata Mirror
Darkness over the Abyss Veiled Attack
Agent BC Training Knight Shield of Courage
Coolheadedness Avatar of Aten
Outlaw of the Wilderness Commandment
Core Paradigm Heiress
Dark Knight Space-time Union Creator World Creator

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