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Promise of Love


May 08, 2018 (UTC)

Guardians from the world of dreams wants to reward you!
It takes some time to cross dimensions but nothing is impossible with the power of love!



Every 30 minutes after logging in, you will receive a reward to your mailbox. (Up to 4 times per day)
Please see the rewards below.

Time Reward Amount Description
+30 min Louis's Gift Box 1 Contains 1 Heartbeat Coin and a Master Contract Package (1 Day).
+30 min Catherine's Gift Box 1 Contains 5 Creature Food(s).
+30 min Irene's Gift Box 1 Contains a Life Token.
+30 min Elizabeth's Gift Box 1 Contains 1 Hell Party Ticket.
















Is this the power of love?!? If you see the ending of each character in the 'A Dream of Romantic Adventures' event, you can receive each reward box faster!
Characters you have cleared will be unmasked in the UI.

  • Time Reduced: 15m
    (Reduced time is applied on the next day.)



- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team

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