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DFO Premier League 2018


May 23, 2018 (UTC)

2018 DFO Premier League has opened.
Do you have what it takes to be a top competitor in Luke Raid?
Join the DPL channel and compete against other Luke Raid experts!


  • Period : MAY 23-JUN 05, 2018(UTC) until maintenance
  • Target: Characters who have cleared Luke Raid entrance quest.



On the Special Tab of the channel selection window, click on the DPL channel to enter.

DPL channel can only be entered in a party of four.
DPL dungeon is a special dungeon where you will encounter all of the main bosses of Luke Raid in one dungeon.

Erica sells useful items that may assist you inside the DPL dungeon. Don't forget to buy them!

As soon as you enter the dungeon, the timer will begin. Clear the dungeon as fast as possible!

Once you clear the dungeon, your clearance time will be shown on the UI.
You will also receive rewards to your mailbox based on your clearance time.

Here is the order in which the bosses will appear.

1 Contamination Carina
2 The Seven Mistral
3 Fortuneteller Rosaura
4 Hyperspeed Zakeline
5 Lamenting Lampard
6 Wrecking Haboob
7 Nightmarish Nerbe
8 Red Clown
9 High-Reinforced Argos
10 Grieving Buffon
11 Light Idol Horus
12 Hatred Veil
13 Large-Armed Prince Golgotha
Iron-armed Princess Kalbarri
14 Purging Snader
15 Yashing the Moonlight Walker
16 Dark Idol Anubis
17 Evil Sword Veara
18 Contructor Luke (Light)
19 Contructor Luke (Dark)




Time Limit Description Preview
0 ~ 10 min. Luke Conqueror (DPL Aura Avatar)
Monolium x 5
10 ~ 15 min. Luke Master (DPL Title)
Monolium x 5
15 ~ 30 min. Monolium x 5 -




Type Details
Consumable All consumables are restricted except DPL items sold by Erica NPC in DPL channel.

[Time Defier Set]
- Time Defier Ring
- Time Defier Necklace
- Time Defier Armlet


[Refined Otherverse Magic Stone Set]
- Refined Amnesia Stone Ring
- Refined Chaos Stone Necklace
- Refined Destructive Magic Stone Bracelet


# Please Note: 

  •  DPL dungeon can be only entered through DPL channel.
  •  Items and Gold cannot be aquired in DPL dungeon.
  •  DPL dungeon consumes 15 fatigue points on entry.
  •  Each reward can be acquired once per account.
  •  Consumables sold by Erica will be deleted at 09:00 UTC every day.
  •  In order to earn rewards, you must clear the dungeon with a party of four.
  •  Rankings are updated on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team

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