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Minority Report


Jun 05, 2018 (UTC)

Opinions of the majority may not always be right.
Today will be the day the minority will win against the majority.
Are you on the side of the minority? Or the majority?



In order to vote, you need to open the UI. Click the () on the bottom of the screen.
Voting is completed at the top of the UI. Let's take a look at it.

At the top of the UI, you will find a question. Question changes at fatigue reset time every day.

Below the question, you will find two choices and the vote button. Make your choice and click the Vote button!
(Vote chances are shared by account.)

You are given one chance to vote and you can change your vote once. You will receive one chance to vote upon logging in. You will be given a chance to change your vote upon clearing an Optimal Level Dungeon once.


# Please Note:
- There will be 13 rounds of voting.
- Vote chances are shared by account.
- Vote chance is reset at 09:00 (UTC) every day.




12 hours after the voting begins (at 20:55 UTC), a midway count will be initiated. It will take about 10 minutes to complete.
Midway count results can be checked between the voting buttons.

  • You can change your vote based on the outcome of the midway count.
  • The one that is the majority during the midway count may become the minority in the final result.





Final count will begin at 08:55 (UTC) on the next day and it will take around 10 minutes.
Once the counting is finished, you can see the previous voting results on the bottom of the UI. 


You will receive rewards based on the voting result.
In the case that we have exactly 50/50 at the end of voting, everyone will receive minority's reward.


[Result Screen Information]

  1. You can check the previous voting results by clicking on the arrow buttons beside 'Check Previous Result (n Days)' at the bottom. (You can obtain rewards from previous voting results by clicking on the arrow buttons.)
  2. Click the Get button on the right to receive your reward. (Check the details of your reward below.)




There are two types of rewards: Daily Voting Rewards and Minority Accumulated Rewards.
(Reward is sent to your mailbox.)


Daily Voting Rewards

Requirements Rewad Description Amount Type
If you were a part of the minority   Box of the Minority   Contains 3 Single-use Equipment Reinforcer(s). 1 Account-bound
If you were a part of the majority   Box of the Majority   Contains a Reinforcement Proficiency Formula. 1 Account-bound


Minority Accumulated Rewards
Minority Accumulated Rewards can be received via email by completing the requirements
and clicking the button on the bottom right of the UI.

Requirements Reward Description Amount Type
Be the Minority 3x +5 Equipment Reinforcement Ticket Use it to reinforce a piece of equipment to +5. 1 Account-bound
Be the Minority 4x +7 Equipment Reinforcement Ticket Use it to reinforce a piece of equipment to +7.  1 Account-bound
Be the Minority 5x Reinforcement Protection Ticket Automatically protects a piece of equipment from being destroyed when attempting to reinforce to +11 (+13 for weapons) or above via Kiri's reinforce menu or Single-use Equipment Reinforcer. Can only be used if it is in the inventory at the time of reinforcement. Equipment protected by this will have their reinforcement value reset to +0. (Not applicable to amplification) 1 Account-bound


# Please Note:

  • Each accumulated reward can be obtained once per account.
  • All rewards will be deleted on JUN 19th,  09:00 (UTC).


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