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The Golden Confidential


Jun 19, 2018 (UTC)

Enjoy 2018 Summer Update with these TWO AWESOME REWARDS given out from this event!


#1 - Just for logging in, you will receive a GOLDEN CAPSULE that massively increases your level!

#2 - Check out the secret stories of the Agent and receive two EPIC SUB EQUIPMENT!







Click the Golden Capsule event icon after logging in.

Golden Capsule Box will be sent to your mailbox
when you click the Get button.

[Golden Capsule Box]

Item Description
Golden Capsule Greatly increases your character's level. Depending on your current level, your resulting level will be different. Can only be used in Seria's Room.

            [Golden Capsule Level Boost]
Level Used Level Reached
1~28 80
29~49 81
50~55 82
56~60 83
61~64 84
65~72 85
73~85 86
86~87 88
88~89 90
Halidom Equipment Box Contains a Lv. 80 Halidom Weapon/Equipment and Accessries for your class. If you have not chosen your advancement, please use the Golden Capsule first before using this item.
Golden Character Slot Extension Kit Adds 1 character slot. It will not be applied if your character slot is already maxed.
1st Awakening Quest Clear Ticket Automatically clears 1st Awakening Quest when used.
2nd Awakening Quest Clear Ticket Automatically clears 2nd Awakening Quest when used.


Please Note

  • Golden Capsule Box can be redeemed once per account during the event period and it can be used by all characters.
  • Rewards contained inside the Golden Capsule Box are account bound and will be deleted on JUN 18, 09:00 (UTC).
  • Golden Capsule can be used by Lv. 1-89 characters. The level you reach will be different depending on what level you use the Golden Capsule.
  • Golden Capsule can only be used in Seria's Room.
  • Golden Capsule Box can only be used by a Lv.90 Character.




Click the Confidential Document in Seria's Room to see secret episodes.

Every day, after you clear an episode, you will receive a Pile of Confidential Documents.

After completing all stories, you will receive O'Connel's Gift.


Curious about your Progress?
Click the event icon to check the progress of episode, chapter and final rewards.


[Agent's Secret Reward]

Final Clear Reward

O'Connel's Gift
Contains a Lv. 85 Agent Epic Sub Equipment.
Gift can only be opened by an Agent class after JUL 17.
Can only be acquired 2x per account.

Agent's Pocket Watch
Physical/Magical Atk. +140
Physical/Magical Critical Chance +5%
+1 to Agent Lv. 1-48 skill (excluding TP skills)
Chapter Clear Reward

The Wind Blowing upon the Lawless District
You can read chapter 1, 2 and 3 of The Wind Blowing upon the Lawless District.
Can be obtained once per account.
Episode Clear Reward

A Pile of Confidential Documents
Contains 1 Tower of Anguish Permit and 1 of the following items: 
  • 1 Kaleido Box 
  • Master Contract Package (1 Day) 
  • 1 Life Token 
  • 1 Refined Terranium (5) Box 
  • 1 Tower of Anguish Permit


#Please Note:

  • Episode can be entered once per account/day through the event NPC.
  • Episode is an Optimal Level Dungeon that can be entered by Lv. 17+ adventurers.
  • Rewards are given to your mailbox after you clear an episode. Once you receive the reward, entry count is reduced.
  • 1 Fatigue Point is consumed when you enter an episode and move to a new room inside the dungeon.
  • You can complete all episodes (1-13) 2x during the event period.
  • O'Connel's Gift is deleted on SEP 4th, 09:00 (UTC).
  • All items excluding O'Connel's Gift and Chapter Clear Reward will be deleted on JUL 17, 09:00 (UTC).


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