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Roulette of HELL


Jul 31, 2018 (UTC)

Log-in every day for a chance to spin the Roulette of Hell! Get up to 4 additional spins by spending Demon Invitations!
Spin the Roulette of HELL for Hell Party Tickets, Hell Orbs, Epic Weapon Fragments and more!


You can obtain up to 5 Roulette chances per day.

  • Upon logging in, you will receive 1 chance to spin per day.
Hell Mode
  • When you spend 150 Demon Invitations in Hell Mode or Temporal Rift, you will receive a roulette chance.
  • You can obtain up to 4 chances per day.
  •  If you use Hell Party Ticket to enter Hell Mode,
    it will not count towards Demon Inviations Used as it does not consume any Demon Invitations.




Click the () on the bottom of the screen to open the UI.

No. Description
1 # of available spins.
2 Button to spin the roulette. Click to spin the roulette and receive a reward.
3 # of chances that can be obtained today.
4 Shows the # of Demon Invitations spent today and during the event period.
5 Shows the current character's Epic Wish List.
6 This is the roulette board. It shows the rewards that can be obtained. Activate it by clicking the spin button.


[TIP]  If you are obtaining Epics at higher than an average rate, the Goblin on the UI will turn into a Golden Goblin.



Spin the Roulette and you can obtain one of the rewards below to your inventory.
If your inventory is full, you will receive the item to your mailbox.

Reward Description Type Expiry
1 Hell Party Ticket Allows you to enter Hell Party. 1 ticket is used per entry. If you have both Demon Invitation and Hell Party Ticket in your inventory, Hell Party Ticket will be consumed first. Cannot be used in Pandemonium Rift. Account-bound 2018-08-21 09H(UTC)
2 Hell Party Ticket(s)
3 Hell Party Ticket(s)
4 Hell Party Ticket(s)
5 Hell Party Ticket(s)
1 Refined Terranium Pouch Contains Refined Terranium(s).
2 Refined Terranium Pouch
3 Refined Terranium Pouch
Epic Weapon Fragment Box (Lv. 85) Generates 20 Lv. 85 Epic Weapon Fragments of your choice. Epic Fragments can be checked in the Epic Dictionary in the Menu Selection window.
Epic Weapon Fragment Box (Lv. 90) Generates 20 Lv. 90 Epic Weapon Fragments of your choice. Epic Fragments can be checked in the Epic Dictionary in the Menu Selection window.
Hell Orb of Darkness Contains 500 Demon Invitation(s).


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