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Break the Mysterious Box!


Oct 10, 2018 (UTC)

A mysterious box filled with rare and valuable treasures has appeared in Arad!
It seems that these boxes can only be opened with Bricks obtained from dungeons. (Nobody really knows why.)
Collect Bricks from dungeons and break open the boxes! You never know what these boxes may have in store for you!




Upon clearing an Optimal Level Dungeon with a Lv. 90 character,
you will receive a Broken Brick() or a Solid Brick() to your inventory.
※ Bricks can be acquired up to 10 times a day regardless of its type.




Open the Event UI by clicking on on the bottom of the screen.
If you have Bricks in your inventory, [Use] button will be activated. Click the [Use] button to acquire your reward.




There are two types of rewards:
A. Reward obtained by opening the Mysterious Box with Bricks
B. Reward based on the total amount of brick used.


A. Mysterious Box Rewards
Mysterious Box contains same contents as Lost Treasures.
You have a small chance to get a jackpot reward below.

Jackpot Reward Description
Unique Card Box x10 Contains a random unique grade monster card.
Golgoryan's Amplification Box Generates a 10-90% +11 Amplification Ticket.


B. Reward based on Total Bricks Used

Once you use a certain amount of bricks, the [Get] button will be activated and you will be able to receive a reward.

Accumulated Reward Description Total Bricks Used
Handmade Bread/Milk Box Contains 30 Canna's Homemade Bread and Canna's Big Hendon Myre Milk. 15
Demon Invitation Box (10) Contains 10 Demon Invitation boxes which generates 2-100 Demon Invitation(s) randomly. 70
Skeleton Key (30) Generates 30 Skeleton Key(s).
Skeleton Keys () are used to open Lost Treasures.


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