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Danjin's Lucky Pot


Nov 06, 2018 (UTC)

Danjin is here to support your new adventure!
He has a pot full of goodies just for you! It contains Unique Weapons, Legendary Weapons and 6 types of Danjin's Pot Avatar!
He is only selling it for 2 weeks! Don't miss out!


How to Participate

Meet Danjin in Hendon Myre

Purchase Danjin's Pot and open it

You can get Unique to Legendary Weapons or a Danjin's Box Hat!


Danjin's Box Hat Preview


#Please Note:

  • All items contained in Danjin's Lucky Pot are tradable.
  • Pot (Hat) avatars have no stats.
  • Pot (Hat)  avatars are tradable.
  • Pot (Hat)  avatars cannot be dyed or sundered.
  • All Danjin's Lucky Pots are deleted at 09:00 on NOV 20, 2018. (UTC)
  • Danjin's Lucky Pot cannot be purchased in Jumping Server.
  • Danjin's Lucky Pot does not contain Unique and Legendary Equipment created with Ancient Dungeon recipes. (Ex. Terranite, Liberation Weapons)
  • Dark Knight Avatar has the same appearance as Male Slayer Avatar.
  • Creator Avatar has the same appearance as Female Mage Avatar.


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