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[Season 2] Jump Your Way to Raid and Epics!


Jan 22, 2019 (UTC)

Did you transfer from a jumping server to regular server?
Then it's time to 'jump' your Lv. 85 epics to 90!
Are you already on the regular server?
Clear Anton/Luke raid with jumpers and get more rewards!


Jumper & Super Jumper



How to Participate
Get rewards by completing missions! - Both Jumper and Super Jumpers can participate!

Mission Jumper Super Jumper
Clear Anton Normal Dungeon 15 times Anton's Soul Fragment 2 Anton's Soul Fragment
Clear Luke Normal Dungeon 15 times 4 Monoliums 8 Monoliums
Clear Anton Raid 6 times Lv. 90 Epic Armor Recipe Lv. 90 Epic Armor Recipe
Clear Luke Raid 6 times 10 Monoliums 20 Monoliums
Join a Guild Jumpers cannot participate. Inventory Expansion Ticket
Learn a Profession Jumpers cannot participate. 10 Life Tokens and 10 Potions (2 types)
Add 5 Explorer Club Friends Jumpers cannot participate. Explorer Club Renaming Ticket
Register a High Tech ring for your class in the buff swap window. Jumpers cannot participate 30 Carnelians



[Special Bonus] Lv. 90 Epic Armor Recipe
Deck your character out in Lv. 90 epics!
Upgrade your Lv. 85 Epic Armors from the Jumping Server to Lv. 90 Epic Armors!

■ Please check below before you upgrade! ■

* Upgrading requires same part/type of armor.
(Example) Lv. 85 Epic Leather Top > Lv. 90 Epic Leather Top

* Only Epic Set items are upgradable. Individual non-set pieces cannot be upgraded.

* Upgrading also requires materials below.
- 1 Anton's Soul Fragment
- 10 Refined Terraniums
- 1,000,000 Gold




Anton,Luke Bonus Rewards!
Clear Anton/Luke with Jumper/Super Jumper in your party and bonus rewards will be given to your entire party!
- Reward can be obtained once per mission/character
- All users are eligible for these rewards!

Mission Normal User Jumper&Super Jumper
Clear Anton Normal Dungeon 12 Antoniums 12 Antoniums
Clear Luke Normal Dungeon 15 Light Sources 15 Light Sources
Clear Anton Raid Phase 2 1+ Jumpers 28 Condensed Antoniums 34 Condensed Antoniums
2+ Jumpers 30 Condensed Antoniums 36 Condensed Antoniums
3+ Jumpers 32 Condensed Antoniums 38 Condensed Antoniums
4+ Jumpers 34 Condensed Antoniums 40 Condensed Antoniums
Clear Luke Raid Phase 2 8 Dark Sources 10 Dark Sources



#Please Note

[0. Common]

  • This event is available on the regular server only. (Cannot be done on the Jumping Server)
  • All items are untradable.
  • Mission count is increased when you receive the completion reward from the dungeon. Bonus reward is also at this time. (Bonus reward can only be received once per day)


[1. Jumping Missions!]

  • Only characters that transferred from jumping server to regular server can participate in Jumping Missions.
  • Rewards are given when [Get] button is pressed. Mail expires in 15 days.
  • Please press [Get] button on the characters that need the reward as the rewards are untradable.
  • Each mission can be completed once per account.
  • All rewards are deleted at 09:00, on Feb 26, 2019 (UTC)


[2. Anton/Luke Bonus Reward]

  • Bonus rewards are given based on the number of Jumper/Super Jumpers receiving the dungeon completion reward.
  • All party/raid members will receive the same level of bonus reward at the time of clearing the dungeon.
  • If a Jumper/Super Jumper does not get the dungeon completion reward, all party/raid members will get lower tier bonus reward or no reward at all. (based on how many jumpers are in party/raid)
  • If you do not get the dungeon completion reward, you will also not get the bonus reward.
  • All rewards are sent in an untradable box and it is kept for 15 days in the mailbox. Boxes are deleted at 09:00, on FEB 26, 2019. (UTC)
  • Each character on your account can receive 1 bonus reward per mission/day.


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