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Harlem Trivia


Feb 12, 2019 (UTC)

A special quiz event to help adventurers get prepared for the Harlem update!
Test your knowledge with the Harlem Trivia covering variety of topics such as Harlem, Pandemonium, Kashipa, and Freye!
Play the Trivia every day to learn about Harlem and receive rewards as well!


Click the  button above the fatigue bar to play the quiz.
You can also see how many times you have participated in the Harlem Trivia.

Play the Quiz and receive rewards based on the number of correct answers.

Correct Answer Reward() Bonus Reward()
0 Harlem Coin x1 -
1 Harlem Coin x2 -
2 Harlem Coin x3 -
3 Harlem Coin x4 Harlem Coin x4
4 Harlem Coin x5 Harlem Coin x4
5 Harlem Coin x6 Harlem Coin x4
  • Can be obtained up to 10 per day/account through the Harlem Trivia.



When total days you played reaches 7 days, you will receive a special reward!

Silent Constructor Special Equipment Box
Obtain a Silent Constructor Gloves(), Silent Constructor Earrings() or a Silent Constructor Stone() of your choice.
These items cannot be disassembled.

Account-bound. Deleted at 09:00 on MAR 12th, 2019 UTC.
You can participate in the quiz during the event period regardless of whether you have received the special reward.



■ Harlem Coins



Item Contents Required Coins
Light Source Box Contains 150 Light Sources 25 (up to 7 per account)
Tainted Energy Box Contains 50 Tainted Energies 5 (up to 20 per account)
  • Tainted Energy Box can be opened after the Harlem update.
  • Tainted Energy from the Tainted Energy Box can be used to purchase rewards from Timothy after the Harlem update.










#Please Note

  • This event is availale to accounts with a Lv. 17+ character. You can participate once per day.
  • The 5 questions and participation chance will reset at 09:00 UTC every day.
  • Harlem Trivia consists of 5 questions and it will change every day.
  • There is a 30 second time limit per question. If you do not answer within the time limit, it will be marked as incorrect.
  • This event is only available in town.
  • You must answer all 5 questions to receive a reward.
    (Ex : If you leave the quiz screen after answering 4 questions, you will receive the reward for 0 correct answers and lose the quiz participation chance for the day.)
  • Harlem Coins can be obtained up to 10 per account/day.
  • Silent Constructor Special Equipment Box can be received once per account.
  • All rewards are sent to your mailbox. (Mail expiry: 15 days)
  • Harlem Coins can be used to purchase rewards from 'A Hiding Kid's shop in Seria's Room.

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