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Sweet Candy Shop


Feb 12, 2019 (UTC)

2019 Valentines Day is here and Arad has sweet candies for all!
Get candies from the Candy Machine and exchange them for Emblems, Gems, Single-use Reinforcer/Amplifiers and more!



Open the Candy Machine in Seria's Room.

Heart or Star? Click the Candy you want and run the machine.

You will get 1 of 3 candies from the Candy Machine. Oh, you want more? Clear Optimal Level Dungeons!

■ Candies from the Candy Machine can be used in dungeons. ■

Candy Description
Pink Heart Candy Increases STR/INT/VIT/SPI by 100 for 300 seconds.
Red Heart Candy Recovers 30% HP/MP
Yellow Heart Candy Increases Attack/Casting/Movement Speed by 10% for 300 seconds.
Blue Star Candy Activates Super Armor for 30 seconds.
Green Star Candy Attack damage +12% for 60 seconds. Shares cooldown with Warlord's Cry Potions.
Purple Star Candy Removes all abnormal status effects.

#Please Note:

  •  Candy Machine draw chance will reset at 09:00 UTC every day.
  •  You will get 2 chances to draw every day and 2 additional chances upon clearing Optimal Level Dungeons. (Up to 20 per day)
  •  On the Heart Candy Machine, you can get one of the following colors: Red, Pink or Yellow.
  •  On the Star Candy Machine, you can get one of the following colors: Blue, Green or Purple.
  •  All event items will be deleted at 09:00 on FEB 26th. UTC




Item Description Price Limit
Silver Emblem Box Select a Silver Emblem of your choice. (Untradable) Red Candy x4 4 per account/week
Single-use Amplifier Allows you to amplify a piece of equipment once without consuming any materials. Blue Candy x5 5 per account/week
Single-use Equipment Reinforcer Upgrades your item once. Does not consume Clear Cube Fragment or gold. Purple Candy x5 5 per account/week
Random Enchant Bead Pot Contains a random bead. [Rare to Unique]
Does not contain some special dungeon beads.
Pink Candy x3 5 per account/week
Random Gem Box Contains a random Uncommon-Unique grade Gem. Yellow Candy x3 10 per account/week
EXP Capsule Adds 10% EXP. (Lv.1-89) Green Candy x2 10 per account/week

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