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Rental Care Service


Feb 26, 2019 (UTC)

Welcome, adventurer! Is this your first time in Harlem?
Don't worry. I've got powerful equipment to help you on your first trip to Harlem!
Rent 6 pieces of Echon Equipment and a +10 Reinforced, +3 Refined Liberation weapon for free and cruise your way to maximum level!

■ Eligibility: Lv. 90+ character ■



Click the Icon on top of the fatigue bar after logging into the game.

Click the get button to rent the equipment.
(Select Weapon Type and Equipment texture when renting)
* Please be careful as you can only rent once per character during the event period!




+10 Reinforcement +3 Refinement
Liberation Weapon

A weapon for your class can be rented.


Valor Equipment Rental Box

Obtain 6 Valor Equipment of your choice.
Equipment texture and set options can be selected.








Valor equipment's stats have been revamped!
Revamped stats can be found in the link below.

See Valor Equipment changes



#Please Note

  • Rented equipment will be deleted at 09:00, MAR 26, 2019. (UTC)
  • Only level 90+ characters may participate in this event.
  • All weapons will be given in superior quality (100%).
  • The stats on the equipment will be the same as normal equipment.
  • Rented equipment cannot be destroyed/reinforced/refined/disassembled/gifted/stored.
  • You cannot change the rented equipment until the end of the event. Please be careful when selecting the equipment to rent.

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