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[Guide Event Extended] Enemy At The Gate


Apr 23, 2019 (UTC)


Deadly cosmofiends are pouring out of the rifts and are threatening the peace of Arad!
Fight alongside the Imperial Army in the Fiend War to defeat the Cosmofiends and claim your rewards!



On Fiend War days, (Wed/Sat/Sun) you will receive a emergency letter from the Imperial army upon leaving the Seria's Room

After you check the letter, you will receive necessary supplies to participate in the Fiend War.
(Once per account. Sent by mail.)

Clicking on the () on top of the fatigue bar, complete the available missions and get rewards.




Partisan Supply Box
Emergency Medical Kit (5)
A medical kit that enables its user to heal while under the Fiends' influence. Recovers 30% HP/MP.
Deleted at 09:00 daily
Can only be used in Fiend War
Toy of Sparkling World (5)
Removes all abnormal status effects.
Can be used at all levels. Makes you immune to all abnormal status effects for 10 seconds. (Cooldown: 10s)
Physical Enhancement Potion (1)
A potion that enables its user to temporarily reinforce their physical capabilities while under the Fiends' influence.
Increaes STR/INT by +175 and Physical/Magical Damage by 12% for 60 seconds.
(Cooldown: 60s )
Orc Transformation Potion (1)
A potion that transforms its user into a local orc. Enhances Movement Speed.
Increases Town Movement Speed by 60 seconds.
(Removed upon leaving town. Cooldown: 60s)
Deleted at 09:00 daily



Participate in the Fiend War 4x Clear the Fiend War 3x Clear the Fiend War 6x
Fiend Drone Transformation Potion
Trace of Cosmofiend
Cosmofiend Damage Font 
Schrodinger (Black) Transformation Potion
- Can only be used in town.
- No expiry.
- Decorates your party frame..
- Box will be deleted at 09:00, May 21, 2019 UTC. Register it on your skin storage to use it permanently across all characters.
* Schrodinger (Black) Transformation Potion
- Can only be used in town
- Untradable
- No expiry

* Cosmofiend Damage Font
- The box will be deleted at 09:00, May 21, 2019 UTC. Register it on your skin storage to use it permanently.
- The box is account-bound but the damage font item is character-bound.


#Please Note

  • All rewards are deleted at 09:00, MAY 21, 2019. (UTC)
  • Only Lv. 95+ characters can participate in this event.
  • Participate in the Fiend War 4x mission can only be increased by 1 per day.
  • Transformation Potion can only be used in town and it increases your town movement speed by 10%.
  • Cosmofiend Damage Font only applies to the character you use it on.
  • Partisan Supply Box can only be received on Fiend War raid days.





It's time to share everything you know about the Fiend War!
After the event ends, we will select winners and give Party Frames as a reward!
Providing screenshots, photos, videos and taking a different approach (class PoV guides, your own tips and tricks, etc.)
from other adventurers will give you a higher chance to be selected!


- Explorer's Club Lv. 15+
- Unlimited posts per account

- Explorer Club Fiend War Raid Clear 1x+


- Submission Date: Apr 23 ~ May 31 Jun 18
- Evaluation:
May 21~ May 31, 2019 Jun 19 ~ Jul 2
- Winners Announcement:
Jun 3, 2019 Jul 9






Guide Topic 
Character PoV Fiend War Guide (Ex. How to Fiend War as an Asura)


● How to Register Your Guide 

Go to Official Site > Adventurer Academics > Login and click the Upload Post button.

Register your post title, description, thumbnail image, guide link and select the Category.
Dungeon > Fiend War category must be selected to be eligible for the  [Master of Fiend War Event].


Strategic Genius (Account-bound)
Given to adventurers who have shown deep understanding of Fiend War.
Registered to Skin Storage on use. You may select whether to apply to Party Frame in the Skin Storage.

* Strategic Genius Preview


#Please Note:

  • Event period may change depending on the circumstances.
  • Must be Explorer Club Lv. 15+ & have cleared Fiend War 1x+ to be eligible for the event. There is no limit to how many guides you can register but rewards are limited to once per account.
  • If your guide contains images and videos in addition to the texts, there is a higher chance for your guide to be selected. (This does not mean guides created on youtube have a lower chance to be selected.)
  • If your guide is off-topic, it will not be considered for evaluation.
  • If Fiend War is not selected as a category, it will not be considered for evaluation.
  • Number of Likes/Replies does not have any impact on the outcome.
  • Only the guides submitted within the event period will be considered for evaluation.
  • If guides from other countries are translated and submitted without citing any sources, it will be considered plagiarism.
    Plagiarised guides will be removed immediately and it will not be considered for evaluation or rewards.
    In addition, the guide submitter will not be able to participate in any future events on the website and may receive in-game account-ban as punishment.



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