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Darkest Castle


Jun 04, 2019 (UTC)

“One day after the storm has passed, a sinkhole appeared on the surface with a giant roaring sound.”

A small tunnel had also appeared in Seria’s room. And through the crevice, a mysterious voice was heard.
At the end of the voice, there was a camp that was set in the ruins. And at the camp, a neatly dressed women and a ragged man was having a heated argument near the sinkhole.

The two groups, which would not normally run into each other, gathered here to ‘excavate the ruins of an ancient civilization.’ The ‘ruins exploration group’ was a group of highly-educated intellectuals who had a fantasy about ‘adventuring,’ and they despised the group of graverobbers who were known to perform all kinds of dirty and shady activities in the past. On the other side, the graverobbers, which have gone through hell and high water in their lives, was not so fond of the ‘exploration group’ since they were mostly made up of noble children who were born with all kinds of privileges and wealth.
The head of the investigation team first recognized the adventurer and asked for help.

“Those dirty graverobbers were always threatening us intellectuals from day one. And they even committed murder!”
The head of the graverobbers also shouted out with anger.
“You guys killed one of our members first with a strange-looking tool! You hypocrites!”
It seemed that the excavation was put to a halt after finding two bodies inside a cave. The adventurer thought that there was something inside the cave and suggested that he/she will go deep inside the cave to find the cause of the death. After hearing from the adventurer, the head of the exploration group offered the adventurer a strange tool that they have made.

“I hope this tool can help you.”

After putting the strange tool inside his bag, the adventurer headed for the cave.



Move to Seria's Room through the Secret Cave in Seria's Room.

Click on the Ruins Excavation Site NPC and click the Explore button to move to the Ruins.



After opening the UI through the Ruins Excavation Site NPC, select a difficulty.

Mode Description Holy Grails Obtained
Secret Gift of Appreciation Obtained
Easy Exploration is completed upon clearing 5 maps. 2
(Upon killing the boss)
(Upon killing the boss)
Hard Exploration is completed upon clearing 8 maps that are slightly harder than easy mode. 3
(Upon killing the boss)
(Upon killing the boss)
Unlimited Clear the 8 hard mode maps, up to 11 times over.
Every time you clear the boss and move on to the next set of maps, your maximum HP will decrease.
Unlike Easy/Hard mode, there is no return to town button. Once you leave, you cannot re-enter.
(Upon killing the boss)
(Upon killing the boss)
  • Easy/Hard mode reward can only be obtained once per day/account.
  • Unlimited mode rewards can be obtained up to 11 times a day.
  • After clearing the Hard Mode 3x, Unlimited mode can be entered on the next day. (Limited to 1 clear per day)


[Secret Gift of Appreciation()]
Obtain one of the following items randomly.

Darkest Castle Explorer's Potion x 1 Recovers 30% HP/MP and removes all abnormal status effects.
Fatigue Recovery Potion (1) x 1 Recovers 1 Fatigue Points.
Fatigue Recovery Potion (3) x 1 Recovers 3 Fatigue Points.
Holy Grails x 2 Take it to Ruins Exploration Leader to change it for rewards.



After selecting the difficulty, you will be entered into the ruins.
Open the map and select an icon that is available. (Map will be randomized every time you enter the ruins.)


[Map Icon Types]

Normal Fight against normal monsters. Upon killing all monsters, you will obtain Ancient Coins which can be used at the shop/camp and a Battle Card.
Elite Fight against elite monsters.
Mysterious A random map where you will enter a normal monster or a quiz. On successfully solving the quiz, you will obtain a Ancient Coins and a Potion.
Shop Use the Ancient Coins obtained from the ruins to buy Battle Cards, Potions or remove a card from your deck.
Camp Recover HP or use Ancient Coins to upgrade your cards.
Boss Fight against a boss monsters. Upon killing the boss, you will receive a Secret Gift() of Appreciation and  1-3 Holy Grails() depending on the difficulty.




Number Description
1 Use the cards and mana effectively to kill the monsters. (Left click to select / Right click to cancel)
2 Remaining mana and end turn button.
3 The monster's turn will begin once you end your turn. Monsters will perform the action that is displayed on top of their head.
4 Potion that can be used inside maps.
In maps, you can obtain Potions which can be used in the battle. Potions can be used with the numpad keys 1-6.
Use a potion at the right timings to lead the battle to your advantage.
Potions can be acquired from Mysterious maps and in Shops.

* Potion Type and Effects
Potion Description Price
Spider Sap Restores 12 HP on use. 135
Rotten Spider Eggs Deals 15 damage to all enemies on use. 220
Beast Tendons Gain 13 Defense on use. 165
Warrior's Potion Increases Critical Chance by 30% on use. 120
Stinky Solvent Gain 1 mana on use. 235
Monster Anesthetic Gain 10 Attack Damage on use. 170
5 Ancient Coins Owned.
Use the Ancient Coins obtained from the ruins to buy Battle Cards, Potions or remove a card from your deck.



Upon winning a battle, you will acquire Ancient Coins and 3 cards will be displayed.
You can choose to take one of the three cards or none of them.

* Please note that once the card has been selected, you cannot reverse it.
* Ancient Coins and cards will be reset when you clear the boss map or abandon the game.
* In Unlimited Mode, you will retain Ancient Coins and cards until you clear the 11th boss map.
* All games in progress will be reset at fatigue reset time every day.



■ Mission

Mission Details Reward
Daily Mission
((Daily Mission rewards can be obtained once per day/account.)
Get 150 Exploration Points. Holy Grail x2
Accumulated Mission
(Accumulated mission rewards can be obtained once per account.)
Get 500 Exploration Points. Holy Grail x5
Get 1000 Exploration Points. Ruins Exploration Leader Card x1
Get 1500 Exploration Points. Single-use Equipment Reinforcer x3
Get 2000 Exploration Points. Single-use Equipment Amplifier x3
Get 3000 Exploration Points. Ruins Exploration Leader Album x1


■ Achievement
Achievement rewards can only be acquired once per account.

Achievement Requirement Reward
Sample Item Use the dungeon exclusive item once. Darkest Castle Explorer's Potion x 3
Jumbled adventurer Solve the quiz in the Mysterious Map once. Holy Grail x 2
Rookie Reinforcer Upgrade card once. Graverobber King's Card x 1
Strong Adventurer Clear the Boss Map 10 times.
(No daily limit. Includes boss maps cleared in Unlimited Mode)
Single-use Weapon Refiner x 1
Secrets of the Castellan Meet the castellan in the Boss Map. Holy Grail x 2
Start of Trials Unlimited Mode 10F Reached. Holy Grail x 2
Master of Trials Unlimited Mode 30F Reached. Single-use Weapon Refiner x 2
Great Adventurer Unlimited Mode 50F Reached. Graverobber Leader's Album x 1



Can be purchased through the Ruins Exploration Leader's Shop in the event area.

Reward Description Price Limit
Single-use Equipment Reinforcer Use it to upgrade a piece of equipment once without consuming Clear Cube Fragment or gold. 3 10 per account
Single-use Weapon Refiner Use it to refine a piece of equipment without consuming powerful energy. 3 10 per account
Single-use Equipment Amplifier Use it to amplify a piece of equipment once without consuming any materials. 4 10 per account
Graverobber Leader's Album Moved to [Skin Storage] permanently on use. Use it to change the current awakening cutscene to this skin. (Cannot be used by Dark Knights or Creators) 5 1 per account
Ruins Exploration Leader Album 5 1 per account
Darkest Castle Explorer's Potion Recovers HP/MP by 30% and removes all abnormal status effects. 2 Unlimited

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