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Mini War


Jun 18, 2019 (UTC)

One day, a wandering adventurer discovers a strange place under a mysterious spell.
The place was called the 'Magical Garden,' as it was known to turn anyone who enters there into a SD character.
As the rumors began to spread, many adventurers entered this garden and explored the mysterious place.

One day, the adventurers became curious about which SD character would be the strongest of them all.
So, they asked Seria, who was considered trustworthy amongst the adventurers,
to officiate a Mini War to find the strongest SD character and Seria gladly accepted the offer.

Now, a battle will begin to find out the most dominant SD character in all of Arad!



Move to the Mini War channel through SD Seria in Seria's Room or by selecting the Mini War channel in the channel selection screen.

Click on the Find Match button to join the Mini War game.
Once the game starts, your character will turn into a SD character. Find out which SD character is stronger and tougher!

I feel cute

Click here if you like the SD Version of Geniewiz !



The last one standing wins!
Active zone periodically shrinks. Make haste to the safety zone!
Use the Mini War consumable items strategically to overcome your enemies!
Supply Crate appears periodically. Always be on alert!

1 My Character Your Mini War Character. Transforms into a 2nd Awakening SD Character of your current class.
2 Monster There are boars, blue birds and various monsters in Mini War. Consumable items can be obtained by eliminating them.
3 Minimap Shows your location(yellow), monsters and other adventurers(red).
4 Other Adventurers Adventurers who also joined the Mini War. Kill score increases and Mini War consumable items can be obtained when eliminated.
5 HP Displays your current HP.
6 Item Quick Slot Displays your consumable Mini War items.
7 Skill By pressing the [A], [S] key, you can use the 1st and 2nd skill.
8 Contaminated Zone A contaminated area that periodically expands and inflicts damage when in contact.
9 Supply Crate Contains Tank, Robot and other consumable items.



SD Character
Once the game starts, you will turn into a 2nd Awakening SD Character of your current class.
All SD Characters have their own special skill. (Consumes 1 Special Clear Cube when used)

Wave Wheel Slasher ()
Omniblade Dark Lord Blood Evil Indra

Illusion Sword Dance

Ghost Slash: Overdrive

Outrage Break

Magma Wave Sword


Cross Slash ()
Majesty Nemesis Deicide Blade Dancer

Arcane Sword Blast


Bleeding Blades

Explosive Palm
Knee Kick ()
Nen Emperor Tyrant Hades Titan

Haitai Summon

Power Descent

Dirty Barrel

Wild Cannon Spike


Seismic Crash ()
Nen Empress Kaiser Black Widow Ultimate Diva

Raging Light Dragon

Beat Drive

Venom Mine

Wild Cannon Spike
Steep Slide ()
Raven Destroyer Prime Marshal

Suppressive Barrage


Mech Drop

Danger Close


Steep Slide ()
Crimson Rose Storm Bringer Optimus Freyja

Bloody Spike

PT-15 Prototype

G-S.P Falcon

G-96 Thermobaric Grenade
Trap Strike ()
Oblivion Eternal Vampire Lord Aiolos

Elemental Rain

Ice Field

Phantom Veil

Eye of the Storm

Divergence: Whip Skewer


Magic Missile ()
Overmind Eclipse Astarte Geniewiz

Transcendent Crystal

Legendary Summon: The Moonshade

Ultimate Punto Wave

Raging Flame Furnace
Smasher ()
Saint Justice Draconid Immortal

Hammer of Repentance

Gattling Punch

Exorcise Amulet

Dark Howling


Holy Smash ()
Seraph Inferno Divineress Redeemer

Grand Crashing Cross

Christening Fire

Dragon's Fury

Scud the Wrathful Demon


Shining Cut ()
Alcyone Thanatos Shiranui Grim Reaper

Exotic Rampant


Toad Oil Bomb



Stark Shield ()
Gaia Demon God Savior Dreadnought

Chain Strike

Genocide Crush


Breath of the Storm


Quick Punto ()
Warlord Durandal Deimos Erebus


Vital Strike

Scale Grinder

Dark Light Explosion


Angle Shot ()
Godfather Executioner Renegade Pathfinder

Final Strike

Target Detection

Disastrous Quake

Dark Slash ()
Dark Knight

Dark Burst


Meteor Drop ()

Time Forward



Mini War Badge, depending on the rank, can be obtained after each game.
Take the Mini War Badge to SD Seria in Seria's Room in exchange for rewards.
Random rare-unique grade gem(Used to equip to the Legendary Insignia) can be obtained from the Random Gem Pouch.

Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Random Gem
Pouch x 3
Mini War
Badge x 10
Random Gem
Pouch x 2
Mini War
Badge x 5
Random Gem
Pouch x 1
Mini War
Badge x 1




Mission Rewards Description
Eliminate 5 Mini War Monsters
(Daily Mission)
Mini War Badge x 15 A badge that can be obtained by playing the Mini War event. Collect and take it to SD Seria to exchange them for rewards.
Eliminate 2 SD Characters
(Daily Mission)
Mini War Gift Box Contains a Random Gem Pouch and 10 Mini War Badges.
Eliminate 50 Mini War Monsters Blue Bird Costume Box Contains a Blue Bird Costume. Costumes expire in 1 year and are untradable.
Eliminate 50 SD Characters White Tiger Costume Box Contains a White Tiger Costume. Costumes expire in 1 year and are untradable.
Eliminate 400 Mini War Monsters Mini War Damage Font Adds [Mini War Damage Font] to your damage font list.
(Damage Font is bound to the character you use it on.)
You may select the Damage Font you wish to use in the Skin Storage.




Reward Description Price() Limit
Master Kaleido Box [Event] Upgrades your equipment's grade and stats to the highest.
Cannot change options of Magic Sealed Equipment and titles.
100 1 per account
Legendary Insignia Box Obtain a Legenday Insignia of your choice. 100 2 per account
Kashipa Subjugation Hero Upgrade Recipe Box Obtain a Lv. 95 Harlem area Epic Equipment recipe. This recipe does not require any additional materials. 50 2 per account
Ring of Combat Quest Clear Ticket Automatically clears the Arena Quest "The Ring of Combat 1, 2, 3, 4, 5."
Can only be used by Lv. 50+ characters.
20 2 per account
Antimatter Particle Box Contains 10 Antimatter Particles. 30 1 per account / Weekly
Pioneer's Token Box Contains 50 Pioneer's Tokens. 20 1 per account / Weekly
Monolium Box Contains 10 Monoliums. 20 1 per account / Weekly
Mini War Recovery Potion Recovers 30% HP and MP
Removes all abnormal statuses.
Can be used at all levels.
Shares cooldown with Remy's Touch and Remy's Sparkling Touch.
1 -



# Please note

  • You must be level 17+ and achieved class advancement to participate in the event.
  • Character stats and gears does not affect the SD Character.
  • If Find Match does not take place for a long time, the game will begin within the people currently on queue (at least 4 people or above)
  • All rewards are account-bound and will be sent to your mailbox. Event items will be deleted on JUL 23, 2019 at 09:00 UTC


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