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Raid Fever


Jun 25, 2019 (UTC)



For 4 weeks, Luke/Fiend War raid will be open every day!

Get 1 more Luke/Fiend War raid reward!
For 4 weeks, you can obtain Luke/Fiend War raid reward up to 3x per week!


Useful items for Luke/Fiend War raid will be given every day!
(All items are account-bound. Unused items will be deleted at 09:00 next day.)

Raid Support Box
A box that contains useful items for Luke/Fiend War raid.
This box will be given every day. If unused, it will be deleted on next day.

Protection of Black and White x1

Special Energy Concealer x1
Emergency Medical Kit x5
Toy of Sparkling World x5
Physical Enhancement Potion x1
Entrance material for the Luke raid.
Deleted at 09:00 UTC every day.
Entrance material for the Fiend War raid.
Deleted at 09:00 UTC every day.
A medical kit which can heal you inside the Fiend War.
Recovers 30% HP/MP.
(Cooldown: 10s)
Can only be used in Fiend War raid.
Removes all abonormal status effects.
Can be used at all levels and makes you immune to all abnormal status effects for 10 seconds. (Cooldown: 10s)
Can only be used in Fiend War raid.

Enhances your physical abilities while you are in the Fiend War.
Grants +175 STR/INT and increases Physical/Magical Atk. by 12% for 60 seconds.
Cannot be used with the Physical Enhancement Potion sold from the Orc Sage.
Can only be used in Fiend War raid.
(Cooldown: 60s)





  • Raids are open every day but it can only be cleared up to 3x per week/raid.
  • If you have already cleared the raid 3 times, you cannot enter the raid anymore in that week.
  • Raid Support Box & contained items will be deleted next day 09:00 (UTC) if not used.
  • Raid Support Box will be sent to the mailbox and stored for 1 day.
  • Raid Support Box is given once per account.
  • 650 Undaunted Determination can be acquired per character


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