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Summer Festival Coin Shop


Jul 23, 2019 (UTC)

Time for a shopping spree with the Summer Festival Coins you've earned!
Get the items you've always wanted on your favorite characters!


Summer Festival Coin Shop
Visit Runa in Seria's Room or Peace Island to access the shop.
Summer Festival Coins can be acquired from the Highfive event and other Summer Festival events that will start in 2 weeks!

* Peace Island can be entered after clearing the event quest given by Runa.


Reward Description Price() Limit
Tayberrs Epic Equipment Box Obtain a Tayberrs Epic Equipment of your choice.
(Items from the box cannot be disassembled and does not yield Epic Souls when destroyed by reinforcing/amplifying.)
100 3 per account
Classic NPC Costume Box Obtain a Classic NPC Costume of your choice.
- Available classes: Male Slayer/Dark Knight, Female Fighter, Male Gunner, Male Priest, Female Mage/Creator.
200 2 per account
Gold Emblem Box Obtain a Gold Emblem of your choice. (Untradable) 50 4 per account
Silver Emblem Box Obtain a Silver Emblem of your choice. (Untradable) 25 8 per account
Antimatter Particle (12) Contains 12 Antimatter Particles. 25 8 per account
Aberrant Crystalline (100) Contains 100 Aberrant Crystallines. 20 10 per account
Celestial Rift Ticket Allows you to enter the Celestial Rift. Consumes 1 per entry. If you have entrance materials in the inventory, Celestial Rift Ticket will be consumed first. 10 20 per account
Emblem of Heroes (100) Contains 100 Emblem of Heroes. 10 20 per account
Abyss Fragment (500) Contains 500 Abyss Fragments. 35 3 per account
Master Kaleido Box

Sets Epic Equipment items and their options to the highest grade and the maximum amounts.

Unlike the normal Kaleido Box, this item can't be used on titles and can't regrade the suffices of unsealed Magic-sealed items.

100 1 per account
Pure Gold Destruction Scroll Can be used on Otherversal Energy/Purged equipment to remove their Otherversal Energy/Dimensional stats and Amplification levels. Can only be used on Level 55 Rare or better Otherversal Energy equipment. 100 1 per account
Legendary Insignia Box Obtain a legendary insignia of your choice. 50 2 per account
Otherverse Energy Extinguisher Can be used on Otherversal Energy items to make them equippable. Extinguished Otherversal Energy items can only be used on Rare or Higher-graded Otherversal Energy items at Level 55 or above. 50 1 per account
Conversion Spell Can only be used on purified Level 55 Rare or better Otherversal Energy equipment. (Cannot be used on reinforced equipment.) 50 1 per account
Otherverse Energy Purification Scroll Use it to purge an Otherversal Energy item and make it wearable. It adds one of the Dimensional abilities (Dimensional Strength/Intelligence/Vitality/Spirit) when used. Once a Dimensional ability is added, it can only be amplified.
(Only applicable to Otherversal Energy items, Lv.55~ Rare grade or above)
50 1 per account
Champion's Avatar Box Contains a Champion's Avatar (Hat) of your choice. (Untradable)
25 2 per account
Life Token (10) Contains 10 Life Tokens. 25 5 per account
Tayberrs Ticket Allows you to enter the Tayberrs dungeon. Consumes 1 per entry. If you have entrance materials in the inventory, Tayberrs Ticket will be consumed first. 5 6 per account/week
Special Energy Concealer Chest (Event) This item can only be purchased on Fiend War Raid days.
Obtain one of the following items of your choice:
Special Energy Concealer Box, Small Energy Concealer Box.
7 2 per account/week
Black and White Protection [Event] Can only be purchased on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
Generates 1 Black and White Protection Box.
7 2 per account/week


# Please Note:

  • All items on Summer Festival Coin Shop are account bound.
  • All event items will be deleted at 09:00 on SEP 03.

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