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[Update] Summer Festival Stamp


Jul 23, 2019 (UTC)

Special rewards for a special festival!
Join the summer festivities and collect your stamps!
Use the stamps to get a +10 Reinforcement, +5 Refined Sky's Legacy Weapon and more!



Click the () on top of the fatigue bar to see your Summer Festival Stamp status.
Make sure to get your stamp after completing each mission!

* After completing the requirements,the button will be changed to [Receive Stamp]. Click it to receive your reward.
* Runa's Stamp mission will be revealed after the maintenance on AUG 6th.


Join the stamp event and complete missions to get special rewards!
Runa's Stamp missions will be added to the event after the maintenance on AUG 6th.


● Summer Steamp Mission Reward ●

Mission Reward Description
Clear Optimal Level Dungeon 10x
Mermaid Hat Avatar Box
Obtain a Mermaid Avatar (Hat) of your choice.
Clear Fiend War Raid 4x
Mermaid Star Album Box
When used, this item is moved to your Skin Storage.
You can change your 1st Awakening Skill Cutscene to this item's in the Skin Storage.
*A new Mermaid cutscene has been added. Please see the preview below.
Reach Lv. 95 with 1 Highfive Event Character.
Sky’s Legacy
Reinforcement/Refine Box
Contains +10 Sky’s Legacy Weapon Reinforcement Ticket and +5 Sky’s Legacy Weapon Refinement Ticket.
Reach Lv. 95 with 2 Highfive Event Character.
Sky's Legacy
Weapon Box
Obtain a Sky's Legacy Weapon of your choice.
(Items from the box cannot be disassembled and does not yield Epic Souls when destroyed by reinforcing/amplifying.)


● Runa's Stamp Mission Reward ●

Mission Reward Description
Watch Summer Fireworks 5x
Aura Skin Slot Expansion Ticket
Use it to unlock your Aura Skin slot without using gold coins. Cannot be used on characters that have already unlocked the Aura Skin slot.
Receive Minigame Daily Reward 20x
Summer Festival Emoticon Ticket
Adds 3 Summer Festival emoticons to your skin storage.
(Applies to all characters on account.)
Clear Treasure Hunt (Hard Mode)
Summer Reinforcer Costume Box
Contains a Summer Reinforcer Costume. (Untradable)
Acquire 4 Summer Stamps
Stamp Tour Emoticon Ticket
Adds 4 Summer Festival emoticons to your skin storage. (Applies to all characters on account.)

Acquire 4 Runa's Stamps
Summer Festival Celebration Coin (200)
Contains 200 Summer Festival Celebration Coins.


● Mermaid Awakening Cutscene Preview ●


# Please Note:

  • This event is shared by account.
  • Each stamp mission can be completed only once during the event period.
  • If you do not click the Get Stamp button, you will not receive your rewards even if you have completed the requirements.
  • All rewards will be sent to your mailbox.

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