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Chobung's Win or Lose Arena


Aug 20, 2019 (UTC)

Hey, you there! Have you not tried the Arena yet? Is it because you fear defeat?
Well, Chobung has prepared a special event that rewards you even when you lose!
Also, you will earn 1.5x the Arena EXP during the event period, so how about giving Arena a try before Season 3 ends?




Mission information can be checked by clicking on the [] on top of the fatigue bar.

Click on the 1:1 button in the Arena channel to battle against with other users!

Chobung's Arena Coins acquired as a reward can be exchanged for rewards at Chobung's Shop.


Participate in the Arena every day and complete the missions below to receive rewards!

Participate in the Arena once Participate in the Arena 3x

Master Contract Package: 1 Day

Chobung's Arena Coin x3
Contains a 1-day supply of Tactician's Contract, Conqueror's Contract, Growth Contract and Cube Contract. Can be exchanged for items at Chobung's Shop in the Arena channel.




Reward Description Price Limit
Ring of Combat Quest Clear Ticket Automatically clears the Arena Quest "The Ring of Combat 1, 2, 3, 4, 5." Can only be used by Lv. 50+ characters. 10 1 per account
Steal Skill Quest Clear Ticket Automatically clear the Arena Quest "Albert's Skill 1, 2". Can only be used by Lv. 50+ characters. Some characters may not be able to use this item.

Steal Skill Quest Clear Ticket can only be used by certain classes.
Classes that can use the Steal Skill Quest Clear Ticket: Male Slayer(Excluding Ghostblade), Female Fighter, Male Fighter, Male Gunner, Female Gunner
10 1 per account
Dual Skill Build License Create one additional Skill Style. Allows you to use two different skill styles permanently on use. 10 1 per account
Colliseum Stamp Box Contains 100 Colliseum Stamps. 3 14 per account


Upon completing the "Albert's Skill" quests, it allows you to learn skills from another advancement.
The following skills can be used additionally.

Male Slayer
(Excluding Ghostblade)
Flip Side Counter
Spirit Crescent
Male Fighter Lightning Leg Strike
Poison Throw
Neck Snap
Female Fighter Thunder Suplex
Apply Poison
Crushing Fist
Neck Snap
Male Gunner Fastest Gun
Steyr AMR
Secret Land Runner
Female Gunner Fastest Gun
Steyr AMR
Secret Land Runner


# Please note

  • To participate in the event, you need a Lv. 50+ character that can enter the Arena channel.
  • You will earn 1.5x Arena EXP during the event period. (However, you will not lose more experience than normal for losing in the arena.)
  • All rewards are account-bound and will be deleted on SEP 3, 09:00 UTC.

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