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Summer Festival: Beach VolleyBall


Aug 20, 2019 (UTC)

Powerful spikes and fast sliding! Show off your hidden volleyball skills on the hot sandy beaches of the Peace Island!
Awesome rewards await those who are victorious!


[ How to Access Beach Volleyball ]

Click on [Go Play Beach Volleyball]
from the drop-down menu of the Beach Volleyball Conductor.

Click the [Go to the Beach Volleyball Channel!] button
on the bottom of the Calendar.

Select the [Beach Volleyball] channel





Select the mode you want and click [Start Game] or [Start Match] button to enter the game.

Enjoy a fun game of Beach Volleyball and complete your daily mission once to receive rewards!


Mission Match
Get 5 points first versus the Rainbow Unit
who gets stronger every day!
A first to 10 points match against your friend!
PvP Beach Volleyball!
No Play Limit
Mission rewards can be obtained once per day
No Party Play
No Time Limit
No Play Limit
No Rewards
2P Party: 1vs1, 2vs2. Can play on same team.
4P: 2vs2


A point is won when the ball hits the ground on the opponent's side of the court!



[ Mission Completion Reward ]

Obtained when you complete the daily Beach Volleyball Misison (Once per day. A new day begins at 09:00 UTC)

Champion of the Sand Box
Contains 20-80 Summer Festival Celebration Coins, 40 Abyss Fragments and 3 Beach Volleybombs.
(Account-bound. Deleted on SEP 3rd, 2019, 09:00 UTC)

Summer Festival Celebration Coin

Abyss Fragment

Beach Volleybomb
Obtained by participating in the Summer Festival. Take it to Runa in Seria's Room or Peace Island to exchange them for rewards Can be used at Ceberin's Shop to buy the Legendary equipment that reinforces Active Buff skill effects.
(Source: Operation: Hope dungeons)
Throw a Beach Volleybomb to attack the monster. Creates a ice tornado for a few seconds, pulling in monsters and damaging them.
Restricted dungeons: Luke Raid, Fiend War Raid, Beast Dungeon


Upon getting 8 Beach Volleyball Mission Match Rewards. (Can only be obtained once per account)

Conqueror of the Sand Box
Obtain a Fragmented Abyss Weapon of your choice.
The weapon obtained from the Fragmented Abyss Weapon Box is untradable.
(Account-bound. Deleted on SEP 3rd, 2019, 09:00 UTC)


#Please Note

  • This event is shared by account.
  • Quitting during game play will result in a loss and the game will end.
  • Beach Volleyball mission rewards are sent to the mailbox. (Mail Expiry: 15 days)
  • Beach Volleybombs obtained from Champion of the Sand Box will be deleted on SEP 3rd, 2019, 09:00 UTC.
  • Mission Mode rewards are obtained based on the clear time.
    Ex) If you enter stage 2 on day 1 (before 09:00 UTC) and clear stage 2 on day 2 (after 09:00 UTC), the clear will count for day 2. You will be able to enter Stage 3 on day 3. (after 09:00 UTC)
  • This event is not available to Fast Leveling Mode characters.


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