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Reclaiming the Peace in the Sky


Sep 24, 2019 (UTC)

An urgent letter from Arthur has arrived requesting for your aid!
'Adventurers! We need your help before the dark energy corrupts us all!'
Defeat Isys and his followers and stop the corruption of Pandemonium once and for all!


Get Arthur's Supply

Adventurer! An urgent letter has arrived from Arthur, the Blue Lightning Follower!
Check the letter from 'Arthur's Bird' in Seria's Room.

Arthur's Supply

Lupsong's Relic Box

Night Blessing
Recovery Elixir x5

Ruho's Physical
Enhancement Potion x5

Night Blessing Status
Recovery Elixir x5
  • Arthur's Bird can be seen in Seria's Room on Prey-Isys raid days. (Thursday/Saturday/Sunday)
  • Given once per character/day.
  • Event Eligibility: Lv. 95 adventurers who logged in on Prey-Isys raid days.
  • Arthur's Supply and its contents will be deleted every day.



Participate in the Special Raid Mission!

Participate in the Special Prey-Isys Raid Mission during the event period.
Mission can be checked by clicking on the [] on top of the fatigue bar.
Complete the mission by clearing the raid and get rewards!
* Mission is shared by account.

Mission Reward Description
Clear Prey-Isys Raid 1x Freedom of the Sky Party Frame A party frame given to adventurers who defeated Prey-Isys. Registers to Skin Storage on use.
Clear Prey-Isys Raid 2x Moonbow Eike Costume Transforms you into Moonbow Eike for 5 minutes. Increases Town Movement Speed by 10% while transformed.
Clear Prey-Isys Raid 3x Aries Kelly Costume Transforms you into Aries Kelly (Sheep) for 5 minutes. Transformation is lost upon moving. Can only be used in town. Slightly increases Reinforcement Success Chance while transformed.
  • Reward Box is deleted on OCT 8, 09:00 UTC.)
  • Freedom of the Sky Party Frame will be deleted on OCT 8, 09:00 UTC but it will be applied to your account permanent if used.
  • Costume items are permanent.


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