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Slenikon’s Dream


Sep 24, 2019 (UTC)

Adventurers destroy anyone who dares to lay their hands on master Prey...
Slenikon wants to take those evil enemies down himself, but the best he could do is help the adventurers by giving them a ride on his back.
Thinking about it makes the heavy armor covering his large body even more cumbersome...
Every day, Slenikon goes to sleep while dreaming about becoming a hero,
rescuing his master Prey... Whee...hoh..Zzz"



Mini-game can be started through Sleeping Slenikon NPC in Seria's Room or by clicking on () on top of the fatigue bar.
Click the Start button to see what's happening inside Slenikon's dream!
Clear Intercept, Garden, Magic Tower and Sanctum as a Slenikon and defeat Isys!




■ Dungeon Selection Screen

  1. Dungeon Status Board - Check the current dungeon clear status.
  2. Stage Status Board - Check the cleared stages and the types of remaining stages.
  3. Enter button - Click to enter the stage and start the game.


1. Stage

  • Each dungeon consists of few normal stages and a boss stage.
  • 1 stage can be cleared per day.
  • The next dungeon can be entered after clearing the boss stage of the previous dungeon.


2. Sky Nest

  • Final dungeon is a single stage dungeon where you will encounter Isys.
  • It can be entered once per day.


3. Please Note

  • Slenikon's Feather can be obtained every time you clear a stage.
  • Exchange feathers for items from Sleeping Slenikon NPC in Seria's Room.


■ Gameplay Screen

  • After entering the stage, you must survive until the time limit expires to clear the stage.
  • Dodge the attacks of the monsters and destroy them!
  • If you are in danger, use the ultimate (Z) to get help from master Prey.


1. Slenikon

  • Slenikon in the dream. Can be moved by using the arrow keys [←, ↑, →, ↓].


2. Monster

  • Evil minions of Prey. Press the [Space Bar] to attack.


3. HP

  • Check the current HP of Slenikon.


4. Ultimate

  • Press the [Z] key to use your ultimate. Can be used 3x per stage.


5. Time Limit

  • Time you need to survive to clear the stage. (Normal Stage: 40s, Boss Stage: 60s)





Normal  Monster
Fighter Kugai
A monster that moves quickly in random directions.
Omega Guardian
A monster that moves fast in a straight line.
Heat Researcher Zadracon
A monster that moves slowly but shoots dangerous fire balls.
Moonbow Eike
A monster that moves side to side and shoots rainbow feathers in a random direction.
Boss Monster
Star Guardian Zodiac
A small monster that summons many stars to attack. Intercept stage boss.
Celestial Archer Alexandra
A monster that shoots fast arrows. Magic Garden stage boss.
A boss monster that attacks by dropping lightning on random locations. Garden stage boss.
Plunderer Ross
A slow monster that summons huge boulders to attack. Sanctum stage boss.
Final Boss Monster
A boss monster that attacks in various patterns.
It appears in the Sky Nest dungeon which can be entered after clearing the previous 4 dungeons.




Slenikon's Feather
Slenikon's Feathers are sent to your mailbox every time you clear a stage.
Slenikon's Feather can be exchanged for items at Sleeping Slenikon's Shop in Seria's Room.
Normal Stage Boss Stage Final Boss Stage
Slenikon's Feather x3 Slenikon's Feather x7 Slenikon's Feather x7




Rewarad Description Price Limit
Obsidian Eye of Eternity Box (15) Contains 15 Obsidian Eyes of Eternity. Slenikon's Feather x50 1 per account
Prey-Isys Bead(Weapon) Box Obtain a Prey-Isys Bead(Weapon) of your choice.
Heat Researcher Zadracon Bead (Weapon) Fire Damage +12
Cumulonimbus Bead (Weapon) Water Damage +12
Omega Guardian Bead (Weapon) Light Damage +12
Fighter Kugai Bead (Weapon) Shadow Damage +12
Moonbow Eike Bead (Weapon) All Elemental Damage +10
Slenikon's Feather x50 1 per account
Sleeping Slenikon Costume Transforms you into a Sleeping Slenikon for 5 minutes. Transformation is lost upon moving.
Slenikon's Feather x2 1 per account
Slenikon's Dream Emoticon Registers 2 types of Slenikon's Dream Emoticons to your Skin Storage.
(Applies to entire account.)
Slenikon's Feather x2 1 per account
Slenikon's Vial Contains 10 Slenikon's Tears. Shares cooldown with Remy's Sparkling Touch. Obtained tears can be used in raids.
Slenikon's Tear
Restores 30% of HP. Restores 30% of MP. Cures harmful status effects at all character levels.
Slenikon's Feather x1 No Limit
Tayberrs Ticket Allows you to enter Tayberrs. 1 ticket is used per entry. If you have both the entrance materials and Tayberrs Ticket in your inventory, Tayberrs Ticket will be consumed first. Slenikon's Feather x1 6 per account / week


# Please note

  • Monsters that appear in the event differ greatly from the actual monsters in raid.
  • Even if you fail to clear the stage, you can retry again until you succeed.
  • All rewards are account-bound and sent to your mailbox. It is deleted at 09:00, OCT 22, 2019.

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