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Who is the real Danjin?


Oct 08, 2019 (UTC)

"I heard that there are suspicious people impersonating me in Arad. They must be found and dealt with immediately!
Adventurers! Please search for Danjins in dungeons!
If you can distiguish between the Real and the Fake Danjin, I will give you a special gift!"


■ Period : OCT 08-OCT 22, 2019(UTC) until maintenance
■ Eligibility:  Lv. 17+



Find Danjins that appear in Optimal Level Dungeons during the event period.
The Real Danjin will drop a special gift and Fake Danjins will drop a "Fake Danjin's Wig."
Punish Fake Danjins and obtain special avatars and rewards that can only be obtained during the event period!


● How to distinguish between Fake/Real Danjin ●
Real/Fake Danjin can be distinguished in dungeons by the characteristics shown below.

Real Danjin's Appearance Fake Danjin's Appearance
Real Danjin will drop a "Real Danjin's Gift".

Real Danjin's Gift
Obtain one of the following items of your choice:
Danjin's Complimentary Pot or Danjin's Premium Pot.

Danjin's Complimentary Pot

Danjin's Premium Pot

Contains various CERA items.

  • Life Token
  • Kaleido Box
  • Remy's Sparkling Touch
  • Master / Tactician's / Conqueror's / Cube Contract (1 Day)
  • Skeleton Key
Requires 22,222 gold to open.
Contains 2x the amount of items in Danjin's Complimentary Pot.
Fake Danjin will run away and drop a "Fake Danjin's Wig".

Fake Danjin's Wig
A wig dropped by Fake Danjin while running away.
Take it to Pretty Danjin in Hendon Myre to exchange it for rewards.


● Danjin Encounter Count ●
Danjin monster can be encountered up to 20x a day.
Danjin encounter count can be checked in the event calendar.



NPC "Pretty Danjin" will appear in Hendon Myre square during the event period.
Take "Fake Danjin's Wig" acquired from Fake Danjins to him to exchange it for various rewards.


Items that can be exchanged for Fake Danjin's Wig

Name Description Price Limit
Flowery Danjin Avatar Box Obtain a Flowery Danjin avatar of your choice. Permanent and untradable.
Available for following classes.
  • Slayer(M) / Dark Knight
  • Fighter(M)
  • Fighter(F)
  • Gunner(M)
  • Gunner(F)
  • Mage(M)
  • Mage(F) / Creator
  • Priest(M)
  • Thief
Wig x30 3 per account
Danjin Pot Hat Avatar Box Obtain a Danjin Pot Hat avatar of your choice.
Permanent and untradable.
Wig x10 3 per account
Master of Draw Title Box Contains a Master of Draw title.
All Stats +77
Inventory Weight Limit +7.777Kg
Physical Critical Chance +7%
Magical Critical Chance +7%
Town Movement Speed +7%
Wig x20 1 per account
Fake Danjin's Secret Getaway Recipe Transforms you into a Fake Danjin for 10 minutes. Increases your town movement speed by 10% Wig x2 -
Danjin Cookie Attack damage +12% for 60 seconds. Shares cooldown with Warlord's Cry potion. Wig x1 -


Flowery Danjin Avatar Preview


# Please note

  • All missions are shared by account.
  • All event items (except title and avatars) will be deleted on OCT 22, 2019.
  • All avatars cannot be traded/compound/dyed.
  • Flowery Danjin avatar is not available for some classes.
  • Danjin encounter resets everday at 09:00 UTC.

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