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Fantastic Transformation Soup and how to make them


Oct 22, 2019 (UTC)

Halloween is almost here and it's time to get spooky!
Transform into terrifying monsters in dungeons by using Fantastic Transformation Soups!


■ Period : OCT 22 - NOV 05, 2019(UTC) until maintenance ■
■ Target:  Lv. 17+ ■




Optimal Level Dungeon monsters will drop special materials during the event period.

These materials can also be used in dungeons. Use them as needed.

Pumkins Effect
Red Pumpkin Restore 15% of HP. Restore 15% of MP. Shares cooldown with Remy's Touch and Remy's Sparkling Touch. Strawberry-flavored.
Green Pumpkin Increases Attack/Movement/Casting Speed by 3% for 10 minutes.
Blue Pumpkin Increases All Elemental Resistance by 10 for 10 minutes.




Once you have enough materials, visit "Fox-eared Witch" to create soups.
You can open the Soup Pot by clicking on Fox-eared Witch's "Create Soup" menu or by clicking on the Soup Pot HUD icon.

Soup Making Screen
  1. Shows the amount of materials you currently have.
  2. You can select the materials to put into the soup. Try different combinations to make various types of soups.
  3. Select # of Soups to make.
  4. Shows the required materials.


How to make soups
Select materials.
Select number of soups to make.
Click Make Soup.
The Soup you made will be sent to your mailbox.
Please note that there is a chance for the Mystery Soup to not appear.


Below is a list of Soups and its effects.

Soup Effect Soup Effect
Vivid Red Pumpkin Soup Golden Buff! Vivid Blue Pumpkim Soup Arrow Cascade!
Refreshing Orange Pumpkin Soup Kaboom! Sweet Purple Pumpkin Soup Let spacetime open!
Sweet Sour Purple Pumpkin Soup ..... Refreshing Blue Pumpkin Soup I need your soul...
Vivid Yellow Pumpkin Soup GRRRRR! Inedible Soup Soup that's not edible but can be thrown at monsters to Poison them with 10,000,000 damage.
Sweet Orange Pumpkin Soup Surprise! Shadow Shuriken! Mystery Soup Restores 30% HP/MP. Can be used in Raid Dungeons.
Sweet Sour Green Pumpkin Soup Flame Armor!  




Fox-eared Witch Shop

Reward Description Price Limit
Red Halloween Candy Transforms you into one of random halloween monster. Red Pumpkin x1 -
Green Halloween Candy Generates 50 Creature Foods. Green Pumpkin x31 5 per account / week
Blue Halloween Candy Adds 5 Life Tokens. Blue Pumpkin x31 5 per account / week
Fox-eared Witch's Photo Album You can change your 1st Awakening Skill cutscene to this item's in the Skin Storage.
Inedible Soup x100 1 per account


# Please Note:

  • All items are account bound.
  • The Soup you made will be sent to your mailbox.
  • Transformation Soups cannot be used in some dungeons.
  • All transformations will last for 5 minutes.
  • All event items will be deleted on NOV 05, 2019.

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