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Proof of Strength


Nov 19, 2019 (UTC)

The representatives of Pandemonium will be gathering in the Stadium for the 2nd time in history!
Go to the Stadium and prove your strength!





Click the icon () on top of the fatigue bar to check event information. Click the Move to Event Channel button to go to the event channel.
Or you can double click on 'Stadium' channel In the Special tab of the channel selection window to move to the event channel.

After moving channels, form a team and select Normal/Hard mode and join the stadium.






Mission Reward Description
Clear Pandemonium Meeting 3x Familiar Friends MK2 Transformation Potion Box Contains a Familiar Friends MK2 Transformation Potion.
Transformation Potion is untradable and expires on DEC 17, 2019 09:00 (UTC).
Transforms you into Familiar Friends MK2 for 300 seconds.
Can only be used in normal dungeons.
This item is not consumed when used. It can be used again when it is off cooldown.
Transformation Potion can be used up to 5x per day.

* Restricted dungeons:

  • Training Center, Anton Subjugation,
  • Beast Dungeon, Imperial Arena,
  • Pandemonium Meeting, Spirit Heaven,
  • Luke Raid, Tayberrs Dungeon,
  • Fiend War Raid and Prey-Isys Raid
Clear Pandemonium Meeting 6x Winner's Prerogative & Potentate's Prerogative Box Contains 120 Winner's Prerogatives and 240 Potentate's Prerogatives.
Winner's Prerogatives Used for buying Antimatter Particle Box (3), Abyss Fragment Box (32), Sky Fragment Box (10), EXP Capsule (10%), or Tayberrs Epic Pots at NPC Nihilistic Ron's Shop.
Potentate's Prerogatives Used for buying various Beads of Pandemonium organizations at NPC Nihilistic Ron's Shop.
Clear Pandemonium Meeting 9x Ikki the Vikki Costume Box Contains a Ikki the Vikki costume. Costume is untradable and does not expire.
Transforms you into Ikki the Vikki for 5 minutes.  Increases your Town Movement Speed by 10%.


# Please note

  • Only Lv. 95+ character can participate in the event.
  • Only accounts that have completed Pandemonium Meeting Epic Quests can participate.
  • Pandemonium Meeting can be cleared up to 3x per week. Entrance count is reset on every Tuesday at 09:00 UTC.
  • All rewards sent to your mailbox are account-bound and will be deleted on DEC 17, 09:00 UTC.

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