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Iris' Harmony


Dec 03, 2019 (UTC)

Iris has prepared a special song to boost your morale!
"Don't be frustrated. Don't fear them. Iris will be with you, singing songs to encourage you"


● Period : DEC 3-JAN 7, 2020(UTC) until maintenance ●

● Target:  Lv. 90+ ●


Iris' Harmony buff will be provided to players in all raid channels.
Mouse over the buff icon to check the increased stats and abilities.


Buff Name Stats
Iris' Harmony STR / INT/ VIT / SPI +150
Attack / Movement / Casting Speed +10%
 +1 to all skills (excluding TP skills)
All skills -10% cooldown


There is another raid event in progress!
Try raids and complete the missions with Iris' Harmony!
[Check Call to Arms Missions]



Iris' Harmony will be activated in the following channels.

Channel Name Channel No.
Luke Raid ch. 75
ch. 76
ch. 77
Fiend War Raid ch. 78
ch. 79
ch. 80
Prey-Isys Raid ch. 81
ch. 82
ch. 83


# Please note:

  • Buff is only activated in raid channels.

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