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Time is gold, so I prepared gold!


Dec 17, 2019 (UTC)

For giving me your valuable time, I will give you "my precious" gold!
Because... time is gold, right?





Click the  on top of the fatigue bar to open the main UI.

Fill up the gauge by staying logged in for 1 hour.
Clearing an Optimal Level Dungeon will increase the gauge by 10 minutes.
Once the gauge is full, you can receive your reward.

Completing 1 hour of daily login every day and you can earn valuable rewards.







Stay logged in for 1 hour to receive the rewards below.

Golden Energy Pouch

I prepared a special Golden Energy Pouch to thank you for sparing your precious time for us.
The pouch contains a random Shop(CERA) item or entrance ticket.
(Small chance to obtain Ancient Book of Gold [Account-bound].)
Consecutive Log-in Reward Description
5 Fragmented Abyss Set Weapon Box Obtain a Fragmented Abyss Set Weapon of your choice.
Fragemented Abyss Set Weapon contained inside the box is untradable.
10 Fragmented Abyss Weapon S Recipe Box Contains Fragmented Abyss Weapon S Recipe. Open the box to obtain a Fragmented Abyss Weapon S Recipe. Fragmented Abyss Weapon S Recipe can be used if you own a Fragmented Abyss Weapon.
* Required material: Fragmented Abyss Weapon
15 Golden Power Box Sets the equipments grade and options to maximum level.
Unlike normal Kaleido Box, it cannot be used to change suffix of unsealed items and titles.
20 Ancient Book of Gold Grants an equipment random Amplify values between +3 to +6 regardless of its current reinforcement/amplify values. (Only usable on lv. 55 above and above Rare Grade.)


#Please Note

  • This event is shared across your account.
  • Optimal Level Dungeons are available to Lv. 17+ characters.
  • Clearing an Optimal Level Dungeon will increase the gauge by 10 minutes and it can be done up to 3 times.
  • Total Log-in Time will reset at 09:00 UTC every day.
  • Total Log-in Time is not accrued while you are in loading screen or character/server selection screen.
  • After completing the event requirements, you must click the [GET GOLDEN ENERGY], [GET] button to receive your reward.
  • All rewards are sent to your mailbox. (Mail expiry: 15 days)
  • All rewards can be acquired up to once per account and are sent as account-bound. Rewards will be deleted on 09:00, JAN 21, 2020 UTC.

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