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Rental Care Service


Jan 21, 2020 (UTC)

● Period : JAN 21-FEB 11, 2020(UTC) until maintenance
● Target:  Lv. 95


Do you ever wonder how powerful your character can be in full epic gear?
Now is your chance to find out! Annis will be lending out full set of epics to any level 95 character for FREE!
Try them on and smash through the dungeons of DFO!





Please select carefully as you can only rent once per character!

Clicking the HUD icon will open the UI where you can rent epic equipment.
Select a weapon and equipment box of your choice and click the [GET] button.
Get a complete set of epic gear including buff enhancement equipment, creatures and titles!!




Type Description

+11 Reinforcement and +7 Refined Epic Weapon

Epic Armor Set [5 Pieces]
Epic Accessory Set [3 Pieces]
Epic Sub Equipment Set [3 Pieces]

Buff Enhancement
Fragmented Abyss Armor and Accessory Set for each advancement
Encroached Fragmented Abyss Special Equipment Set

* Rental Title [DPS]

Attack Damage +7%
Critical Damage +7%


* Rental Title [BUFF]

Apocaalypse +2
Crux of Victoria +2
Marionette +2

Attack/Movement/Casting Speed +5%
 Buff Skill +1


# Please Note:

  • Rented equipment will be deleted at 09:00, FEB 11, 2020 UTC.
  • Only Lv. 95 characters may rent equipment.
  • Equipment can be rented per character.
  • Please select carefully as you can only rent once per character!

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