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Shrine of Arad - Omikuji Fortunes


Feb 25, 2020 (UTC)

Omikuji is a fortune drawn from Shrines or Temples in Japan. It is an age-old tradition,
but many people still stand in line on new years to wish for good luck.
The tradition goes that if you draw a good fortune, you take it home with you.
However, if you draw a bad fortune, you tie it to a designated place at the Shrine or Temple to get rid of it.
Why don’t you visit a Shrine and see what kind of fortune awaits you?




Obtain offerings by killing bosses in Optimal Level Dungeons.

Put a offering to the offering box and draw an Omikuji.

Open the Omikuji to get a coupon which can be used to buy various items from the Shrine Shop.



■ How to find Offerings ■

During the event period, Offerings will be dropped by boss monsters in Optimal Level Dungeons.
Up to 10 Offerings can be obtained per day, and the number of Offerings obtained will be displayed on screen.

After obtaining 10 Offerings, bosses will no longer drop Offerings.
Take the offering to the Arad Shrine through Edward in Seria's Room.

** Offerings are deleted at 09:00 UTC every day.
Please use it before the end of the day.



■ Drawing an Omikuji ■

The following Omikujis can be drawn from the Shrine.

Icon Omikuji Description
Greater Blessing You are very lucky. Congratulations. Use it to obtain 10 Shrine Coupons.
Ordinary Blessing Use it to obtain 5 Shrine Coupons.
Lesser blessing Use it to obtain 1 Shrine Coupon.
Curse You'd better tie this strip to a curse binder.
Greater Curse Your fortunes are looking bad today. You'd better tie this strip to a curse binder.



■ Curse Binder ■

You drew some bad luck? Don't worry!
Tie it to the "Curse Binder" placed beside the Shrine to get rid of the bad luck! You will also receive a reward!

You can obtain following items from Curse Binder.

Icon Name
Vice Tracking Potions
Insignia Reinforcers
Shrine Coupons
Abyss Fragments






Visit Shrine Shop to purchase to purchase items with the Shrine Coupons obtained from drawing Omikujis.

Reward Description Price Limit
Legendary Insignia Box Obtain a legendary insignia of your choice. Insignia's are untradable. Shrine Coupon x 100 1 per account
Random Gem Box [Rare-Unique] Contains a random rare-unique gem. Shrine Coupon x 10 5 per account
Insignia Reinforcer Reinforce an Insignia once. Does not consume any materials. Shrine Coupon x 10 10 per account/week
Vice Tracking Potion Increases the chance for vice to appear in Celestial Rift by 100%. Use it once to get 5 charges. Shrine Coupon x 3 1 per account/day
Celestial Rift Ticket Allows you to enter the Celestial Rift. Consumes 1 per entry. Shrine Coupon x 5 -
Amulet Applies various buffs randomly for 30 minutes. Shrine Coupon x 1 -


# Please note:

  • Up to 10 Offerings can be obtained per day. Number of Offerings obtained is shared by account.
  • Offerings count is reset at 09:00 UTC every day.
  • All event items will be deleted at 09:00, MAR 10, 2020 UTC.

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