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Ancient Mongolian Treasure Box


Mar 10, 2020 (UTC)

While traveling in Mongolia, adventurer meets a friendly local who hands him a map that apparently leads to a valuable treasure.
Using years of experience and expertise in finding treasures, adventurer succeeds in finding the treasure box without much effort.
However, he finds out that a password is required to open the box.
Rumour has it that the password can be obtained through traditional
Mongolian game called the 'Shagai Horse Race'. Find the password and see for yourself what the great ancient treasure contains.







Collect Shagai() from Optimal Level Dungeons.

Open the event UI through
[The Mongolian Ger] in Seria's Room.

Click the [] button to throw a Shagai
onto the board. 4 Shagais are consumed.

Shagai will move forward based on
the number of "Horse" Shagais you get.

Sheep(хонь) / Lamb(ямаа) / Camel(тэмээ)

Nothing Move 1 Space







* Race Board Availability and Restriction *

# of Newly Created Board Pieces 3 3 3 3 - - -
Available Boards
3 6 9 12 12 12 12
  • 3 additional boards will open on TUE/WED/THU/FRI.
  • After the corresponding day passes, maximum available boards will increase regardless of whether you logged in or not.
  • Password and weekly reward is changed every Tuesday at fatigue reset time.
  • If you were still trying to decipher the password at weekly fatigue reset time, the password will be reset and you will have to start deciphering the new password.






Board shape will be based on Mongolian letters and you will acquire a letter of the current password upon completing the board.
Reward is obtained after you find the password. To find the password, you must collect all letters of the password for that week.





Upon completing a Shagai board,
you will earn a board completion reward.
If you complete all the boards and get the password,
you can get the weekly reward.






Category Reward Description
Board Completion Mongolian Super Power Box Obtain one useful dungeon item of your choice.
(Mind Stimulant Potion, Warlord's Cry Potion, Undiluted Strength/Intelligence/Exorcism/Mana/Vital Potion, Mongolian Recovery Potion)
Weekly Ancient Mongolian Treasure Obtain one of the following items of your choice:
500 Sky Fragment, 60 Antimatter Particle, 25 Obsidian Eye of Eternity.




#Please Note

  • If you get more Horse Shagais than required to finish the board, the remaining board will be filled and the board will be completed.
  • [Updated] Boxes obtained from the event are given as account-bound and will be deleted at 09:00, MAR 24, 2020 UTC.
  • Event will be available for 2 weeks. Thus, you can obtain up to 2 weekly rewards.
  • [Added] Items acquired by participating in the event since FEB 25th will still be deleted at MAR 10th.

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