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Viking's Flying Axes


Mar 24, 2020 (UTC)

Oh no! A drunken viking warrior is trying to play darts with his axes!
Let's help him hit the center of the target! Or else, he might end up hurting somebody!






Move to the Viking's Tavern by clicking on Thorfinn in Seria's room.

You can start the mini-game by clicking on G.X.D in the Viking's Tavern.




A game where you throw an axe and try to hit the target.
Use the Viking's left fingertip and power gauge to choose the direction to throw.
Throw the axe as close as possible to the center of the target to gain more score!
Center the fingertips and power gauges and the thrown axe will hit the center of the target.
Ah! Of course, you should consider the state of being drunk.




[Challenge] A classic mode that gives you 3 throwing chances and points you earn are added together.
[Ultimate] This mode allows you to throw axes until you miss. Points you earn are added together.




  Status Description
Power Your ability to destroy the target
Weight Affects the rate at which gauge fills
Balance If you choose an axe with high Balance stats (3 stars),
the number of beers you drank will always be fixed to 1.




# Name Description
1 Drunken Viking Warrior Use the left, right keys to move.
Left fingertip determines the direction of the throw.
2 Power Gauge After direction is set, hold the X key to fill up the power gauge.
Release the X key to throw the axe.
If it's too much power, the axe will throw towards the top. If it's too weak, it will drop towards the bottom.
3 Inner Eye of the Viking Press the Z key when the power gauge is fill up to activate the Inner Eye of the Viking.
It decreases the gauge filling rate by half for 3 seconds.
4 Beer The number of beers you had. Your balance decreases based on how drunk you are.
(Balance value multipled by the number of beers)
5 Balance Your drunken state.  Axe's direction will vary based on this value.
6 Throw Chance Number of throw chances remaining.


If the axe hit Bull's Eye, hit the space bar repeatedly to break the target.
When you break the target, you will receive bonus points and rewards.





Type Mission Reward
Daily Hit the target in Challenge mode Viking Coin x25
Reach 200+ points in Challenge mode Viking Coin x20
Accumulated Clear 30 stages in Challenge mode DFO 5th Anniversary Rare Avatar Box (Hair)
Play Viking's Flying Axes 20 times
(Mission's play count can only be increased by 1 per day.)
Viking's Flying Axes Achievement Box
Bonus Successfully destroy the target in Challenge mode Target Destruction Bonus Box
  • If you hit the target at least once out of three times in Challenge mode, it will count towards the stage clear requirement.
  • Viking's Flying Axes Achievement Box contains a DFO 5th Anniversary Rare Avatar Box (Shoes) and Behemoth Pirate Weapon Avatar Box.
  • Target Destruction Bonus Box contains 1-3 Viking Coin or Behemoth Pirate Weapon Avatar Box.



● Behemoth Weapon Avatar Preview


# Please note:

  • Event reward is sent to your mailbox.
  • Event rewards are deleted at 09:00, MAY 12, 2020 UTC.
  • Viking Coin and Event Reward Boxes will be given as account-bound, and avatars included in the box are untradable.

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