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POP-UP Viking


Mar 24, 2020 (UTC)

Ready to send Danjin all the way back to Valhalla where he belongs?
Pop-up Viking is a popular game played by the Vikings and can be played in the Viking's Tavern - Odin's Sober.
Play a few games and get Viking's Coin, Danjin's Gold/Silver Cape and more!





Go to Viking's Tavern through Thorfinn in Seria's Room
and find Sten.

Click the NPC to start the game.
You will be given one chance to play the game every day. By clearing an Optimal Level Dungeon, you can get an additional chances to play.(up to 5 daily)






You and the Viking will taken turns selecting a dagger to slide into the barrel.
Only 1 of the 8 daggers can make Danjin pop out.
Danjin continues to talk gibberish… is he trying to tell us something?


If you successfully make Danjin pop out, you win! If Viking does it first, you lose!
You can still acquire rewards even if you lose, so don't be afraid to play!


■ Viking Coin Reward ■

Result Description
Victory Viking Coin x10
Defeat Viking Coin x5






On the main screen, you can see the weekly/account mission information.
Upon completing a mission, you will receive the reward directly to the mailbox of the character you are currently logged into.

Mission Reward Description
Achieve Victory x3
Viking Coin x 100 A coin given to those who are recognized by the Vikings. It can be used to purchase items from Goddess Freyja located in the center of Viking Tavern - Odin's Sober.
Achieve Victory on Turn 1 x40
POP-UP Viking! Avatar(Torso) Selection Box x 2 Obtain a Danjin's Gold Cape or Danjin's Silver Cape of your choice.
Obtained avatar cannot be traded/sundered.
Play a Game x80
DFO 5th Anniversary Rare Avatar Box (Hat, Bottom) Contains DFO 5th Anniversary Rare Avatar Box (Hat) and DFO 5th Anniversary Rare Avatar Box (Bottom).
  • Weekly Misison will be reset at 09:00, every Tuesday.
  • Only 1 victory per day can count toward Weekly mission.




# Please note

  • To participate in the event, you must go to the Viking's Tavern area through Thorfinn in Seria's Room.
  • Please note that Danjin inside the liquor barrel is only a toy. No person, animal or NPC will be hurt through this event.
  • All mission completion rewards are sent to your mailbox and will be deleted at 09:00, MAY 12, 2020 UTC.
  • Viking Coin and Event Reward Boxes will be given as account-bound, and avatars included in the box are untradable.

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