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Life in Arad


Apr 21, 2020 (UTC)

Enjoy the everyday life of Arad and get unprecedented rewards!
Complete various misisons during the event period to acquire useful items!




Click the HUD to open the Daily/Weekly life missions.

Enjoy the every day life of Arad such as clearing dungeons, completing quests and participating in raids.

Open the event UI and check which missions you have completed. Click the Get button to receive the reward.





Number Description

Missions you can complete on a daily/weekly basis.
Most missions can be completed naturally by just playing DFO.

Daily: Resets at 09:00 UTC | Weekly: Resets at 09:00, Tuesday UTC

2 Missions that can be completed during the event period. (Does not reset)
It requires some effort but it will help you increase your expertise in Arad.
3 Expertise increase when completing a mission.
4 Every time you complete a mission, your expertise will increase.
When you fill up the gauge to a certain point or when you completely fill up the gauge, you will receive rewards.




Expertise Level 1 Expertise Level 2 Expertise Level 3 Expertise Level 4 Expertise Level 5
Explorer Coin x3
Remy's Sparkling Touch x5
Master Contact Package (3 Days) x1
Explorer Coin x5
Creature Food x10
Avatar Option Change Cube x1
Explorer Coin x10
Remy's Sparkling Touch x10
Lv. 100 Unique Equipment Box x1
Explorer Coin x10
Creature Food x20
Expertise Level 4 Achievement Box x 1
Explorer Coin x15
Remy's Sparkling Touch x20
Lv. 100 Legendary Equipment Box x1
Expertise Level 6 Expertise Level 7 Expertise Level 8 Expertise Level 9 :)
Explorer Coin x15
Creature Food x40
Aura Skin Slot License x1
Explorer Coin x20
Remy's Sparkling Touch x40
Reinforcement Protection Ticket x1
Explorer Coin x40
Creature Food x80
Rare Avatar Option Change Cube x1
Explorer Coin x50
Remy's Sparkling Touch x80
Amplification Protection Ticket x1
  • Those who reach Expertise level 8 and 9 will receive a special title after the event ends.





Take the "Explorer Coin' acquired from completing missions to Runa in Seria's Room.

Item Description Price Limit
Single-use Equipment Reinforcer Use it to upgrade a piece of equipment once without consuming Clear Cube Fragment or gold. Explorer Coin x20 3 per account/week
Single-use Equipment Amplifier Use it to amplify a piece of equipment once without consuming any materials. Explorer Coin x40 3 per account/week
Avatar Option Change Cube Allows you to change an option of an avatar once. Cannot be used on rare avatars and avatars without any stats. Explorer Coin x50 1 per account
Rare Avatar Option Change Cube Allows you to change an option of a rare avatar once. Explorer Coin x150 1 per account
Otherverse Energy Extinguisher Use it to extinguish an Otherversal Energy item and make it wearable. Explorer Coin x100 2 per account
Pure Golden Extinguisher Can be used on Otherversal/Energy/Purged equipment to remove their Otherversal Energy/Dimensional stats and amplification levels. Explorer Coin x400 1 per account
Life Token Box Contains 2 Life Token. Explorer Coin x10 2 per account/week
Explorer HP/MP Potion Recovers 30% HP/MP.
Removes all abnormal status effects.
Explorer Coin x2 -


# Please note:

  • Event items will be deleted at 09:00, JUN 09, 2020 UTC.
  • Event is shared by account.
  • Expertise level-up reward is sent to your mailbox immediately.
  • The following dungeons will not count as Optimal Level Dungeons.
    - Cursed ruby, Pit of Incarceration, Fiend War/Prey-Isys Raid, Pandemonium War
    - Valley of the Fallen Souls, Beast Dungeon, Anton/Luke Subjugation, Joah Ferrero's Voyage Dungeon

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