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Jun 23, 2020 (UTC)





The Pencil has arrived in Seria's Room to test your wits!
Solve the Pencil's cryptic puzzles using Pencils and Erasers earned in Optimal Level Dungeons and finish the drawing.

Click on the Event NPC Pencil or the () icon in the notification UI to access the Event UI.

You can also access the Event UI through the Calendar banner's puzzle button.

Use materials obtained in Optimal Level Dungeons to start solving puzzles.





Solve puzzles that are added daily and receive rewards. One puzzle is added a day, and thus will ultimately be comprised of 28 parts (one for every day of the event). Puzzles that are not solved within the day can be retried at any time during the event period.


Name Pencil Sharpened Pencil Eraser
Acquisition Method Optimal Level Dungeon Right-clicking while in possession of 5 or more Pencils will allow you to use a Sharpened Pencil in exchange for 5 Pencils. Optimal Level Dungeon
Use One is consumed when used on tiles to mark them as [Filled] or [X]. One is consumed when used on tiles to mark them as [Filled] or [X].

Using all your [Pencil] will automatically cause your next input to use a [Sharpened Pencil] instead.
One is consumed to reset a puzzle tile's marked status.
Time of Deletion Deleted at Fatigue Point Reset Time. Deleted when event ends. Deleted when event ends.






You can check the rewards for clearing each puzzle and the accumulated rewards for clearing a total of 20 puzzles.


● Rewards for Each Puzzle
Receive rewards for clearing a puzzle.
(Increased chance to receive more valuable items the harder the puzzle gets.)

Square Box
 Contains something squarish.

Items Obtainable from Boxes



● Accumulated Rewards
Receive rewards for clearing 20 puzzles.
(Accumulated rewards are available only once per account.)

DFO Classic Weapon Avatar Box
Obtain a DFO Classic Weapon Avatar of your choice.
(Given as Untradable and permanent. Cannot be Compounded/Disassembled/Dyed.)




#Please Note

  • Square Boxes and DFO Classic Weapon Avatar Boxes are given as account-bound, and will be deleted at 09:00, JUL 21, 2020 UTC.
  • Finest Kaleido Boxes, Avatar Option Change Cubes, and Rare Avatar Option Change Cubes are given as account-bound, and will be deleted at 09:00, JUL 21, 2020 UTC.

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