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Flexin' ma 'forcements


Jun 23, 2020 (UTC)



Everyone out there afraid of Reinforcement failures and costs, listen up!
It's time to flex your Reinforcements through this 2-week-only event!






Reinforcement chance will be adjusted to the following during the event period.
Reinforcement success chance will be slightly increased from +10 Reinforcement to +15 Reinforcement.

Reinforcement Level Success Chance (Normal) Success Chance (Event)
1 100% 100%
5 80%
6 70%
7 60%
8 50%
9 40%
10 30% 50%







A channel where Reinforcement success chance is additionally increased will be added during the event!

Click on the () icon above the Fatigue Point bar to go to the event channel.

Increased Reinforcement success chance is doubled in the event channel. (Applied starting from +11 reinforcement)
Spectate other players' Reinforcements and get a cute Reinforcer Costume!


Event Mission!

Attempt Reinforcing 20 times in the event channel
Witness a player succeed in Reinforcing +12 in the event channel 1 time

Reinforcer Costume Box
Contains a Reinforcer Costume. (Untradable)

Transforms you into a Reinforcer for 5 minutes.
Transformation is lost upon moving.
Slightly increases your reinforcement success chance while transformed.







Receive special honorary rewards for reaching certain Reinforcement levels with weapons!
(Applies only to successful reinforcements of weapons that are Level 95 Epic / Level 100 Unique or above.)

Successful +13 Reinforcement Successful +14 Reinforcement Successful +15 Reinforcement

Master of Reinforcement
Increases your Reinforcement Success Chance.

Conqueror of Reinforcement
Increases your Reinforcement Success Chance.

God of Reinforcement
Increases your Reinforcement Success Chance.
  • Each title can be obtained only once by each character,
  • Titles are given as Untradable and sent to your mailbox.




# Please note                

  • Refining, Amplifying, and Insignia Reinforcing are not affected by the event benefits.                
  • Increased success chance from the event, titles, creatures, consumables, and etc. are stackable.                
  • The Reinforcement Adjustment System will be applied normally (to weapons only).                
  • This event is also applied to Reinforcing through NPC Kiri, the Guild Reinforcement Machine, and the Refined Terranium Reinforcer.                
  • Equipment Protection Tickets will not be consumed until +15 Reinforcement for weapons and +12 Reinforcement for other equipment.                
  • Equipment will not be destroyed upon failure, but Reinforcement levels will be reverted to +0.                
  • Reinforcing without Protection Tickets onwards from +16 Reinforcement for weapons and +13 for other equipment can result in the equipment being destroyed upon failure.                 
  • Please make sure to check equipment Reinforcement levels and Protection Tickets before Reinforcing.                
  • The Reinforcer Costume Box event reward is given as account-bound and will be deleted at 09:00, JUL 7, 2020 UTC.
  • Instances of modifying equipment in the Event Channel will also be included in the event mission count.

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