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Finding Land Runner


Jul 21, 2020 (UTC)

Faulty Land Runners are lost and can't find their way back home.
Would you mind helping out SD Male Gunner in Seria's Room by finding Land Runners lost within the Dungeons of Arad?



Find Faulty Land Runners

Consume 20 Fatigue Points in Optimal Level Dungeons to find a Faulty Land Runner in the next dungeon you enter.

Obtain 5 Land Runner Batteries when the Land Runner is destroyed or self-destructs.
Up to 3 Land Runners can be found daily per account.

Land Runner Batteries
A Faulty Land Runner's batteries. Used for buying items in the SD Male Gunner Shop in Seria's Room.




Return obtained Batteries to the SD Male Gunner in Seria's Room.

Item Description Price() Purchase Limit
SD Male Gunner's Thick Battery Restores 50 fatigue points. Can only be used once a day. Does not share cooldown with other fatigue recovery potions. 30 1 per account / week
Character Slot Extension Kit Adds 1 character slot. Up to 75 of this item can be used. 30 1 per account
Magic-Sealed Rare Talisman Box Randomly generates a Rare Talisman for the character's class. 10 2 per account / week
Rune Ore Randomly generates 1 Common, Uncommon, or Rare Rune. 5 4 per account / week
Summon: Left Straight Neil Summons a Level 100 Neil for 180 seconds. 1 -


# Please note

  • Only characters above Level 17 can participate in this event.    
  • Event rewards will be sent by mail as account-bound, and will be deleted at 09:00, AUG 4, 2020 UTC.    
  • The required Fatigue Point consumption in Optimal Level Dungeons for finding a Land Runner is shared by account.            
  • Parties that include a member who has not consumed enough Fatigue Points to encounter a Land Runner will not find one regardless of each individual's Fatigue Point consumption.

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