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Mega Interdimensional Bingo


Dec 01, 2015 (UTC)


This is not your everyday bingo!
It's Mega Interdimensional Bingo! Take this opportunity to get yourself some Interdimensional Fragments!


Period : 01 DEC ~ 15 DEC 2015 (UTC), until maintenance


* How to participate


1. Bingo Boxes are dropped in optimal level dungeons.

2. Use Bingo Boxes to complete a line on the Bingo Board.

3. You must guess the mystery number
of the middle E slot. 

4. Every time you complete a line,
a reward(s) will be sent to your mailbox.

5. After completely filling out the Bingo Board,
you can reset the board by completing optimal level dungeons.​


* Please Note 
- Bingo Box are deleted at 09:00(UTC) everyday, so please make sure to use all of them on that day. 
- Bingo Boards reset every Tuesday at 09:00 (UTC). 
- The Bingo Board can be reset up to 3x a week after completing the first Bingo Board.


* Bingo Rewards






1 Line

Interdimensional Fragment


2 Lines

Enigmatic Sparkling World Toy Pouch
Generates 1-10 Sparkling World Toys


3 Lines

Interdimensional Fragment


4 Lines

Enigmatic Remy's Touch Pouch
Generates 1-10 Remy's Touches


5 Lines

Interdimensional Fragment


6 Lines

Enigmatic Contract Pouch
Contains one of Growth/Conqueror/Tactician/Cube Contract  (1-7 days).


7 Lines

Interdimensional Fragment


8 Lines

Interdimensional Fragment



* Please Note 
- Enigmatic Pouches are account bound and will be deleted at 09:00 (UTC) on Dec. 29th, 2015.


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