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Save the Arad


Dec 15, 2015 (UTC)


Adventurers, Arad is under attack!
Defend Arad from the hordes of monsters that have invaded the town!


Period : 15 DEC, 2015 ~ 19 JAN, 2016(UTC), until Maintenance



  1. Town Invasion 
  2. How to Participate 
  3. Town Invasion Rewards 
  4. Bonus Gifts for Brave Adventurers of Arad 


1. Town Invasion


- The monsters who only appeared in dungeons have started to surface in the Town.
- Monsters will invade Arad three times a week at specific times.
- Only level 30+ characters may participate in the Town Invasion.


03:00 ~ 03:30(UTC)

03:00 ~ 03:30(UTC)

03:00 ~ 03:30(UTC)


2. How to Participate


- After clicking the monster, click the "Challenge" button to proceed. Or you can Ctrl + left click directly on the monster to fight them. 
- Kill all the monsters within the time limit.

- You can receive better rewards by killing bosses that appear along with the normal monsters.
- You will need sufficient kill points before you can fight bosses.


3. Town Invasion Rewards


Monster Kill Rewards

- You will receive a Life Token everytime you kill 5 monsters. You can only receive up to a maximum of 3 Life Tokens per challenge day.
- Life Tokens will be sent to you mailbox after the challenge.


Monster Card Pot

- You can receive a Monster Card Pot which contains a rare+ card by killing Bosses. 
- There is no limit to how many Monster Card Pots you can obtain during the event period.


4. Bonus Gifts for Brave Adventurers of Arad


- Rewards will be based on the number of monsters killed.
- Number of monsters killed is shared per account.
- Bonus rewards can only be received once per account.


Kill Count




Remy's Touch X 30


Life Token X 10


x3 Growth Potion X 1


Fatigue Recovery Potion(156) X 1


Safe Upgrade Kit X 1


Interdimensional Fragments X 100


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