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A Part-Time Job for Thanksgiving


Nov 03, 2020 (UTC)

I'm preparing great wares for this year's Thanksgiving as usual.
Please pack these wares carefully in Cardboard Boxes so I can give them out to Adventurers!






Collect 10 Leftover Cardboards from Optimal Level Dungeons, then use them to exchange for 1 Cardboard Box.

(Can obtain up to 50 Leftover Cardboards per day.)

Once you have obtained a Cardboard Box, find NPC Thanksgiving Canna in Seria's Room to begin your part-time job.

Match the [Item] with the correct [Cardboard Box] to pack them successfully.

As you can complete a job once for every Cardboard Box you have, the number of Cardboard Boxes you own is the number of times you can participate.




After packing the required amount of boxes for the current level, you will obtain points and move on to the next level.
There are 5 levels, and once you clear Level 5, you will be reset back to Level 1.








When you successfully pack a box, it will count as 1 point. The more you pack, the more Pay Envelopes you will get.
( Upon successfully clearing Level 5, you will receive 3 bonus Pay Envelopes )

Pay Envelope
Event currency acquired by participating in 'A Part-Time Job for Thanksgiving' event.
It can be used to purchase items from Thanksgiving Canna's Shop located in Seria's Room.





Participate in the event every day and you will receive this Special Appreciation Reward on the 18th day.

Kaleido Box (5)

Contains 5 Kaleido Box.





You can purchase items with the Pay Envelopes obtained from your part-time job.

Item Description Price() Limit
Protection Ticket Selection Box Contains a Reinforcement Protection Ticket or Amplification Protection Ticket of your choice. Pay Envelope x 2000 Once per account
Fatigue 156 Recovery Potion Restores 156 Fatigue. (Can be used once a day. This item does not share cooldown with other Fatigue Healing Elixirs.) Pay Envelope x 1250 2 per account
Kaleido Box (1) Contains 1 Kaleido Box. Pay Envelope x 750 10 per account
EXP Capsule [10%] Adds 10% EXP. (Lv.1-99) Pay Envelope x 150 30 per account
EXP Capsule [25%] Adds 25% EXP. (Lv.1-99) Pay Envelope x 250 14 per account
EXP Capsule [50%] Adds 50% EXP. (Lv.1-99) Pay Envelope x 400 7 per account
Transcendent Stone Selection Box Enables you to select Transcendent Stone [Creature] or Transcendent Stone [Title]. These Transcendent Stones bind to your account when issued. Pay Envelope x 3000 Once per account
Life Token Contains 1 Life Token. Pay Envelope x 50 2 per account/day
Thanksgiving Recovery Potion Restores 30% of HP/MP. Pay Envelope x 12 -


#Please Note

  • Only characters Level 17 or above can participate in the event.
  • Missions and play count is reset daily at 09:00 UTC.
  • All rewards are given as account-bound and will be deleted at 09:00, DEC 1, 2020 UTC.
  • All rewards are sent to your mailbox. (Mail storage period: 15 days)
  • Once the game is in progress, it cannot be stopped. If you quit the game abnormally, the Cardboard Box you used will not be restored.
  • When you successfully pack a box, it will count as 1 point. Successfully packed boxes will await to be exported at the top of the screen.
  • You will only obtain points for matched boxes awaiting to be exported when you successfully pack all the required number of boxes for that level. When you pack all the boxes, you will move to the next level.
  • There are 5 levels. Once you complete Level 5, you will gain an additional 3 points and begin again at Level 1.
  • If you fail to make a match, the boxes at the top of the screen will reset and you will not get any points. You will also start from Level 1 again.
  • Cardboard Boxes and Pay Envelopes you own can be checked at the bottom of the calendar.
  • The maximum pay that can be accumulated is 300 points. Exceeding this limit will still result in your pay being 300 points.

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