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Saving Baby Priests


Nov 17, 2020 (UTC)

The Baby Priests that left their homes to find some Beginner Crosses are now missing!
Please find and save them in Optimal Level Dungeons, and pass on their Beginner Cross to the Babiest Priest!





Finding Baby Priests

You can find Baby Priests by searching in Optimal Level Dungeons in Arad.
Once you meet them, they will either fight alongside you or give you helpful buffs.


Don't forget to obtain Beginner Crosses from Baby Priests!
You can obtain up to 10 Beginner Crosses per day.



Beginner Cross
A practice weapon used by young Priests.
Can be used to purchase various items from NPC "Babiest Priest" located in Seria's Room.



Priests Type

Priests Type Name or Priests / Skill Effects
Baby Saint
/ Divine Invocation
Increases STR, INT by 1000.
Baby Justice
/ Hurricane 'n' Roll
Pulls in surrounding monsters.
Baby Draconid
/ God of Knowledge: Black Tortoise
Increases ATK/Movement/Casting Speed by 15%,
and increases Jump Strength by 120.
Baby Immortal
/ Disaster
Deals a large amount of damage to surrounding monsters.







Babiest Priest Shop

Take Beginner Cross to Babiest Priest in Seria's Room and you can exchange them for various items.

Item Description Price() Purchase Limit
Character Slot Extension Kit Adds 1 character slot.
Up to 77 of this item can be used.
24 Once per account
Magic-Sealed Rare Talisman Box Randomly generates a Rare Talisman for the character's class.
Contains Talismans for all classes when used by a non-advanced class character.
8 2 per account / week
Rune Ore Randomly generates 1 Common, Uncommon, or Rare Rune. 4 4 per account / week
Abyss Fragment Box (300) Contains 300 Abyss Fragment. 6 Once per account / week
Remy's Sparkling Touch Pouch (3) Contains 3 Remy's Sparkling Touch. 2 Once per account / day
Babiest Priest Diaper Avatar Selection Box

Contains a Diaper Avatar cherished by the Babiest Priest of your choice.
Avatar is given as untradable and cannot be dyed, combined, or disassembled.
(Can only be opened by Male Priests.)


[Babiest Priest's Neon Green Diaper]


[Babiest Priest's Neon Red Diaper]

12 Once per account


# Please note

  • Only characters Level 17 or above can participate in the event.
  • All the items purchased in the event shop are account-bound, and items will be deleted at 09:00, DEC 01, 2020 UTC.
  • Baby Priests will still appear in dungeons after you have obtained the maximum number of Beginner Crosses.
  • Baby Priests do not appear in Challenge Dungeons.

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