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Ready, Set, Horse!


Apr 06, 2021 (UTC)



How to Participate

Enter Academia Caelestia through Squire Lancefinn!

The minigame can be accessed through Donkey Von,
who is located in the left part of Academia Caelestia.




How to Play

You can play Ready, Set, Horse once a day immediately, then 1 more time for every 3 clears of Optimal Level Dungeons.
It can be played up to 3 times daily!


Minigame Controls

Each press will increase the horse's speed. Each press will cause your character to attack.
Knock down scarecrows with your attack.
Each press will cause your character to jump.
You will be able to perform a double jump.
Avoid oncoming obstacles with your jump.


Stat Point Details

Your horse can utilize Stat Points to grow along with you.
Enhance your horse with Stat Points earned from each run to reach further distances!
Up to 30 points can be invested in each stat.

Stat Description IBase Stat Increase per Stat Point Max Stat
  Stamina The time limit for a run of the minigame is set by the horse's Stamina.
(40 = 40 seconds)
40 2 100
  Speed Sets the horse's maximum speed. 30m/s 1m/s 60m/s
  Acceleration Sets the increase in speed for every press of the → key. 2m/s 0.2m/s 8m/s
       * Horse's speed decreases by 3m/s per second.


Obstacle Details

Various obstacles have been set up to help train our Knights.
Overcome these obstacles wisely to travel longer distances!

Obstacle Countermeasure
Attack to destroy
Jump to avoid
Attack to destroy
Jump to avoid
Jump to avoid
Jump to avoid

      * Failing to avoid an obstacle will result in a 50% decrease to your current speed and a 2 second reduction to the remaining time.


Buff Items

Buff items will randomly spawn while playing the minigame.
Obtain various buff items for a more fun minigame experience!

Buff Duration Effect
5 seconds You become impervious to collisions with obstacles.
5 seconds Fixes your speed to 90m/s and you become impervious to collisions with obstacles.
5 seconds Summons a huge lance that destroys all obstacles in front every time you attack.


Missions and Reward Details

Rewards are issued based on distance covered in the minigame.
Solarium can be earned through missions as well!

Distance Covered Reward
0m - 500m Solarium x1
501m - 1500m Solarium x5
1501m - 3000m Solarium x7
3001m - 5000m Solarium x10
5001m+ Solarium x15


Mission Type Mission Reward
Daily Move 500M in one run Solarium x10
Daily Destroy a scarecrow 5 times Solarium x10
       * Runs exited while in progress will not count towards mission clears.


# Please note

  • All event rewards are sent by mail.
  • All event rewards are account-bound, and will be deleted at 09:00, MAY 4, 2021 UTC.
  • All information and mission counts for a run will not be recorded if the minigame is exited while it is in progress.
  • Minigame play count will be reducted based on when a run is finished.
  • Horse Stat Points cannot be refunded after use.
  • Optimal Level Dungeon system is applied to characters Lv. 17 or above.
  • Base minigame play count and play counts earned by clearing Optimal Level Dungeons are reset the next day.


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