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Petit Belial's Aradian Odyssey


May 04, 2021 (UTC)


Petit Belial is on a journey to complete his collection of Epics.
Teach the cheeky Petit Belial a lesson and take his gathered equipment as your own!


Find Petit Belial


Consume 8 Fatigue Points in Optimal Level Dungeons to find Petit Belial in the next dungeon.
Defeat Petit Belial to obtain EXP Capsules along with Lv. 100 Epic Equipment [Limited] that have a small chance to be dropped.
Petit Belial will appear up to 5 times a day per account.

EXP Capsule (10%) x 5
Adds 10% EXP. (Lv.1-99)


Petit Belial's Epic Collection

Click on the () icon above the Fatigue Point bar to see [Limited] Lv. 100 Epic Armor that can be obtained during the event period. Complete a set and click the Get button on the right to receive a [Limited] Lv. 100 Epic Armor Full Set.

Up to 5 Lv. 100 Epic Armor Full Sets can be obtained per account. Obtained Lv. 100 Epic Armor Full Sets will all be deleted at 09:00, JUL 13, 2021 UTC. These limited equipment will be given with the following Enchantments.




Equipment Part Enchantment
Head/Shoulder, Belt, Shoes Physical Critical Chance/Magical Critical Chance +5%
Top, Bottom Physical/Magical/Independent Atk. +50




Accumulated Reward

Accumulated Rewards can be received when Lv. 100 Epic Armor Full Sets are obtained for the first, third, and fifth time.
(Up to 3 can be obtained per account.)

Item Description
Lv. 100 Epic Equipment Recipe
Use a Level 100 Legendary equipment to craft a Level 100 Epic of the same part.

- 1 Level 100 Legendary equipment of the same part
- 950 Black Crystals 
- 50 Aiolites 
- 1 Engraving Stone
Mother Nature's Breath Set Armor, Elementalist's Accessory Set Accessories,
and Normalizing Synchro Set Special Equipment can be crafted.
Retains Reinforcement/Amplification/Enchantment options.
Tradable Lv. 100 Legendary and Dimension: Legendary items cannot be used as material.


# Please note

  • Only characters above Lv. 17 can participate in this event.
  • Event rewards are sent as account-bound by mail, and all Box items will be deleted at 09:00, JUN 1 UTC.
  • Fatigue Points consumed in Optimal Level Dungeons are shared by account.
  • Parties that include a member who has not consumed enough Fatigue Points to encounter a Petit Belial will not find one regardless of each individual's Fatigue Point consumption.

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