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Bon Voyage! Journey to Aeterna


Jun 01, 2021 (UTC)

Explore the Aeternean continent and obtain powerful new Lv. 100 Epic Equipment!


How to Participate

Click on the icon() above the Fatigue
Point bar to check the event information.

Aeterna can be entered after clearing
the quest [Aeterna] To the Western Skies.




Challenge yourself with new content in Aeterna and earn event-exclusive rewards!



Missions and Rewards


Daily Missions

Mission Item Description
Use 30
Fatigue Points
(in any dungeon)
Talin's Warm
Touch Box (5)
Generates 5 [Event] Talin's Warm Touches that can be used in Aeterna.
Craft Aeterna
items 1 time
Reviron Box (6) Generates 6 Revirons that can be used to shorten Aeterna crafting time.


Weekly Missions

Mission Item Description
Complete Daily
Missions 6 times
Aeterna Hard Boss Essence Random Box x 5 Randomly generates 1 Aeterna Hard Boss Essence.
Clear Aeterna Normal/Hard Boss monsters 10 times Aeterna Hard Boss Challenge Box Generates an Aeterna Hard Boss Special Reward Count Bonus Ticket and a Fatigue 30 Recovery Potion. This box's contents are issued in untradable form.


Accumulated Missions

Mission Item Description
Clear Aeterna dungeon 70 times Aeterna Exclusive Equipment Material Box Generates 3 Randus Claws, 3 Amethystas Processed Amethysts, 6 Queen Bee Wings, and 6 Geldrager's Gold Helms.
Craft Aeterna Exclusive Equipment 40 times Aeterna Legendary Synergy Equipment Selection Box Generates 1 Aeterna Synergy Equipment item of your choice.
Clear Aeterna Normal/Hard Boss monsters 80 times Fused Essence Selection Box Enables you to choose a Fused Fortitude, Solitude, or Desire Essence. The generated Fused Essence is deleted on at 09:00, JUN 29, 2021 UTC.
Craft Aeterna Synergy Equipment 40 times Single-use Retexturizer x3 Retexturizes the following armor: Lv. 85/95 Epic
or Lv. 100 Legendary/Epic/Mythic.
Increase Exploration Rank 60 times Aeterna SD Creature All Atk. +10% Bead Adds All Atk. +10% to Aeterna SD Creatures.
Beads can't be used in conjunction with each other.
Using more than one Bead on the same Creature removes
the preceding Bead's effect.
Complete Weekly Missions 8 times Aeterna SD Creature Selection Box Generates an untradable Agnat-C,
Golden Queen Bee, or Amethystas SD Creature.


# Please note

  • Only characters Lv. 100 or above can participate in this event.
  • Only characters that have completed the Side Story Quest [Aeterna] To the Western Skies can enter Aeterna.
  • All mission rewards are sent by mail, and will be deleted at 09:00, JUN 29 UTC.

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