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Shortcut for the Seasoned Adventurer


Jun 01, 2021 (UTC)

The update with new Arad Adventure Subjugation Dungeons and the Cursed Ruby floor expansion has arrived!
Have fun playing in new Subjugation Dungeons and combining Cursed Ruby Treasure Chests!



How to Participate

Click on the icon() above the
Fatigue Point bar to check the event information.

Arad Adventure can be accessed
through the Explorer Club menu.




Select Subjugation on the left menu in Arad Adventure to play The Exile Mountains.
You can get Black Night's Rune Ore and Capella's Stigma Talisman by simply participating,
so don't forget to take part in the event daily!


Cursed Ruby can be entered through
Alisha Arden located in the Dark Elf Kingdom.

Try getting higher-level Ruby Chests
through the new Ruby Chest combining system!




Missions and Rewards


Daily Mission

Mission Item Description
Login Daily Seasoned Adventurer Daily Mission Clear Box Generates one of the following.
- Adventure Ruby Box (2)
- Neonstone

Neonstones are exclusive Consumables
for the Cursed Ruby dungeon.
Adventure Ruby Box (2)


Weekly Misssions

Mission Item Description
Clear Stru Mountains and Near Fortress of Nemesis 4 times Remy's Sparkling Touch Box (40) Contains 40 Remy's Sparkling Touch.
Obtain Ruby Chests 3 times Fatigue 50 Recovery Potion Restores 50 Fatigue. (Can be used once a day. This item does not share cooldown with other Fatigue Recovery Potion.)


Accumulated Missions

Mission Item Description
Clear Middle of Fortress of Nemesis
2 times
Adventure Damage Font (Permanent) Adds the Adventure font to your Damage Font list in the Skin Storage.
(This Damage font is only applied to the character that uses it.)
You can change your Damage font in the Skin Storage > Damage Font menu.
Combine a
Ruby Chest
2 times
(Counted once per week)
Cursed Ruby Miner
Costume Box

Contains a Cursed Ruby Miner Costume.
Costume is given as permanent and untradable.


# Please note

  • Adventure Rubies obtained through Daily Missions can be checked in the "Recruit Merc" menu in Arad Adventure.
  • The Accumulated Mission for combining Ruby Chests is counted up to once per week.
  • All mission rewards are sent by mail, and will be deleted at 09:00, JUN 15 UTC.

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