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Book of Memories


Jun 15, 2021 (UTC)

Help the Knight of Memories and receive various support in dungeons.
The Knight will become stronger the more memories you discover!



How to Participate

Clear the "Book of Memories" quest through NPC Book of Memories located in Seria's Room.

Summon the Knight within the book while in dungeons to use skills that will help you in combat.

Enhance skill effects and Knight abilities through increasing the Knight's level by clearing Daily Missions or Optimal Level Dungeons.






How to Use Skills

Select 1 out of 3 skills that are in the Book of Memories' Skill tab.

Press the Tab key while in dungeons to activate the Knight's skill.

The level of Passive Skills will increase every time the Knight levels up after gaining EXP.





Knight of Memories Skills

You can select 1 out of 3 types of skills.
Skill level will increase according to the Knight's level, adding skill effects or making them stronger.

 Ferocious Charge  Battle Cry  Warfare Command
The Knight appears in front of you and charges forward, inflicting damage.

According to the level of Passive Skills, the number of summoned Knights can be increased or you can transform into the Knight of Memories while increasing its damage.
The Knight appears and increases your Movement Speed.

According to the level of Passive Skills, Attack Speed and Casting Speed can be increased.
The Knight takes command and increases your STR and INT.

According to the level of Passive Skills, the amount of increased STR and INT can be increased or a banner that restores HP/MP can be summoned.


Mission Details

Daily Missions
Clear Optimal Level Dungeons 5 times with Book of Memories Clear Optimal Level Dungeons 10 times with Book of Memories Use Knight of Memories Skill 3 times Use Knight of Memories Skill 5 times
Obtain 100 Knight of
Memories EXP
Obtain 200 Knight of
Memories EXP
Obtain 300 Knight of Memories EXP Obtain 400 Knight of Memories EXP
Accumulated Missions
Clear Event Quests Reach Knight of Memories Lv. 5 Reach Knight of Memories Lv. 10 Reach Knight of Memories Lv. 15
Knight of Memories Costume Box
Character Slot Extension Kit
Equipment Slot
Opener Box 
Ring of Combat Quest Clearance Ticket

* Obtain 10 Knight of Memories EXP per Optimal Level Dungeon clear


# Please note

  • Clearing the Event Quest once per account will activate the Book of Memories for all characters, and use of Knight of Memories Skills will be enabled.                              
  • Only characters Lv. 17 or above can participate in this event.
  • Optimal Level Dungeon is a system applied to characters Lv. 17 or above.
  • Excluded from Optimal Level Dungeons: Joah Ferrero' Voyage Log dungeons, Imperial Arena, Pandemonium Meeting, Sirocco/Fiend War/Prey-Isys Raids,
    Pandemonium War, Valley of Fallen Souls, Beast Dungeon, Cursed Ruby, The Oculus, Anton Subjugation, Luke Subjugation, The Exile Mountains
  • The [Get] button must be clicked in the event window after clearing Daily and Accumulated Missions to receive rewards. (Mail storage period: 15 days)
  • All items rewards are given as account-bound, and will be deleted at 09:00, JUL 13 UTC.
  • The Knight of Memories Costume obtained from the Knight of Memories Costume Box can be used permanently.


[Notice regarding Knight of Memories Skills]

  • Knight of Memories Skills can be used in Scenario and Normal dungeons with a few exceptions.
  • Dungeons where Knight of Memories Skills cannot be used: Sirocco/The Exile Mountains Scenario dungeons, all Raids, Tayberrs dungeons, Pandemonium War, The Exile Mountains, 
    Cursed Ruby, Echon: Ruined Sanctuary, Echon: The Strong, Pandemonium Meeting, Imperial Arena, Challenge Mode of some Normal dungeons, Arena
  • Knight of Memories Skills will level-up automatically according to the Knight of Memories' level and become more powerful.
  • As the selected Knight of Memories Skill will be shared by your account, remember to change which skill to use according to your character. 

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