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Treasure Vault of the Sponger with Epic Bingo


Jun 29, 2021 (UTC)



Open only during the event period! Enter the Treasure Vault of the Parasitic Sponger in Guide of Wisdom!
Receive a much higher chance to obtain Epic/Mythic items and also get Epic Transcendent Stones through Epic Bingo!



Treasure Vault of the Sponger

During the event period, you will have a small chance to enter the Sponger's Treasure Vault in Guide of Wisdom.

Epic and Mythic items have a higher drop rate in the Sponger's Treasure Vault than in the original Guide of Wisdom.





Epic Bingo

Check out the event information by clicking the () icon above the Fatigue Point bar.
Complete the missions shown on each Bingo board and complete tiles/rows for your currently logged-in character to receive items by mail. 
The overall Bingo board is reset every Tuesday at 09:00 UTC.


Tile Completion Reward

Tile Completion Reward Box
Contains 5 Time Fragment and 20 [Event] Time's Guide Stone.


Row Completion Reward

1 Row Completion Reward Time Fragments Box (20)
2 Rows Completion Reward Fatigue 30 Recovery Potion
3 Rows Completion Reward Time Fragments Box (25)
4 Rows Completion Reward Fatigue 50 Recovery Potion
5 Rows Completion Reward Time Fragments Box (30)
6 Rows Completion Reward Fatigue 100 Recovery Potion
7 Rows Completion Reward Time Fragments Box (35)


Take Time Fragments obtained from Epic Bingo to
NPC Cogs and Gears Fairy located in Seria's Room.

Buy [Event] Time's Guide Stones and
One-Shot Transcendent Stone [Epic]! 




Cogs and Gears Fairy Shop

Item Description Price() Purchase Limit
[Event] Time's Guide Stone (25) Contains 25 [Event] Time's Guide Stone.
[Event] Time's Guide Stone is untradable and is
used for entering the Guide of Wisdom dungeon.
15 None
One-shot Transcendent Stone [Epic] Enables you to transfer Untradable or Untradable (Sealed) equipment to your Account Vault. Equipment's remaining Sealing count doesn't affect its transferability.
Cannot be used on Immateriality-added Epic Weapons or Sealed Products of Wisdoms. Can only be used in Seria's Room.
300 1 per account




#Please Note

  • The Bingo board for Epic Bingo is reset every Tuesday at 09:00 UTC.
  • All items obtained from Epic Bingo will be deleted at 09:00, AUG 10 UTC.
  • All "Obtain Lv. 100 items" missions shown in Epic Bingo will only count Epic items obtained in Guide of Wisdom and Treasure Vault of the Sponger.

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