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Blazing Laundromat


Aug 10, 2021 (UTC)

Hello Adventurers! Your Laundromat Fairy has finally returned!
I heard that it's difficult to visit other countries these days, so I brought some clothes from various nations!
Bring me Soap and I'll trade you some Far Eastern Romance Avatars!
Defeat Dust Monsters in Optimal Level Dungeons and bring me Soap!


How to Clean Avatars

Collect Soap
In order to clean your avatars, you need Soap. To obtain Soap, eliminate Dust Monsters in Optimal Level Dungeons.

Meet the Laundromat Fairy
Open the event UI by clicking on the Laundromat Fairy in Hendon Myre.

Wash the Avatars
Insert your avatar and click the laundry button and the Laundromat Fairy will give you a new avatar.

# Please note

  • Dust Monsters appear up to 10 times a day per account.
  • You cannot wash Clone Avatars.
  • You cannot wash Rare Avatars.
  • You cannot wash Skin/Aura/Weapon Avatars.
  • You cannot wash 'Cannot be Sundered or Combined' Avatars.
  • Equipped Avatars can be washed after unequipping them.
  • Dark Knight Avatars have the same appearance as Male Slayer Avatars.
  • Creator Avatars have the same appearance as Female Mage Avatars.
  • Avatars used as washing material will disappear! Please be careful!
  • Avatars obtained through washing are given as untradable.




The Laundromat Fairy will take your Avatars and give you brand new Avatars in return!
You will get an Avatar for the same class! (Ex. If you wash a Male Slayer's Waist Avatar,
you will receive one of the Male Slayer's Waist Avatars from the following Avatars. Colors are chosen randomly.)


Far Eastern Romance - Korea


Far Eastern Romance - China


Far Eastern Romance - Japan


Far Eastern Romance - Mongolia


Arad Ranger

  • Arad Ranger Avatars only have Hat, Top and Shoes Avatars.
  • Obtained Arad Ranger Avatars cannot be traded.
  • Details on Far Eastern Romance Avatar can be found here.


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